First Direct tops service poll!

first direct First Direct has been voted the best in the nation, when it comes to being one of their customers with a current account. MSE conducted a poll, and more than 90% of those asked, rated First Direct as 'great'.

Across all the polls, First Direct came out on top, and who came last? The worst current account provider according the the MSE survey, was our pals at Barclays. That's the fourth time in a row that they've got that dubious award.

Also at the foot of the table, one place off the bottom, was the Royal Bank of Scotland. In second place, we find Nationwide, and Santander in third.

Of course, this is another call to tell you that, if you really hate who you're currently banking with, you should absolutely shop around as now, it is easier to switch current accounts than it ever has been before.

Anyway, here's the full results from the MSE poll.

1. First Direct 91%
2. Nationwide Building Society 77%
3. Santander 72%
4. Smile and Co-op 70%
5. TSB 69%
6. Halifax 60%
7. Lloyds Bank 54%
8. NatWest 50%
9. Clydesdale & Yorkshire 49%
10. Bank of Scotland 49%
11. HSBC 43%
12. Royal Bank of Scotland 44%
13. Barclays Bank 42%

Guy Anker, managing editor at, says: "With current accounts, customer service really counts. Whether you bank online or in a branch, this is the one financial product you do genuinely have a real day-to-day interaction with."

"Our index shows once again the strength of First Direct's service. However, the bottom of the pile is dominated by many high street banks. This should be seen as a stark warning that they risk losing customers if they don't raise their game."

"Anyone unhappy with the service they're getting from their bank needs to ditch it, especially as some of the best deals are from banks with good service. Switching is no longer the chore it used to be – all your direct debits and standing orders can be moved within seven working days, and any payments made in error to your old account will be auto-forwarded."


  • Albi
    Nationwide second???? I wouldn't recommend that bunch of charlatans to my worst enemy
  • Jonny P.
    Why isn't Barclays interested in upping its game? Beats me!!!!

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