Energy suppliers failing to offer cheapest deals to new customers

Bitterwallet - Which! Our good friends at Which! have been doing some a-sniffing and a-snooping around the energy supply business again and they don’t like what they’ve been a-smelling.

During a series of test calls in which they posed as potential new customers, Which! say that they weren’t offered the cheapest tariff in a third of them, with some well dodgy advice being offered on potential savings.

Which! claim that Southern Electric offered the cheapest deal in just three out of 12 calls, while EDF offered the cheapest deal five out of 12 times. They later claimed that the cheapest deals were only available online.

Additionally, British Gas offered cashback to one caller but not to another. Richard Lloyd of Which! said “If you call an energy supplier asking for their cheapest deal, that's exactly what you should get. It's unacceptable for sales staff to give information that's plain wrong or confusing. Giving the right advice to customers about switching matters more than ever when so many people are struggling with escalating fuel bills and colder weather is starting to bite.”


  • Tom
    Hmm, let's guess the collective response, shall we? "Blah blah, lesson to be learned, blah blah, more training needed for our staff, blah blah fuck off you cunts, we've got your money"
  • Alexis
    To be fair, they can offer you any contract they like. If you accept their first contractual offer, that's your choice. If you asked a used car salesman for his best offer, you can't complain if you chip him down and it turns out his 'best offer' wasn't as such.
  • Dick
    The cheapest deals are usually online deals, so of course they are not going to offer them to fucking numpties that need to phone them up to ask.

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