Energy bills to rise and cheapest deals removed

EnergyHere's a surprise - there is going to be yet another rise in energy bills. It was already beyond a joke, so this is approaching outright contempt. Comparison site predicts that families will be facing a rise of £118 rise in their bills and there's the small matter of companies withdrawing their cheapest deals too.

This year, we'll collectively be paying an additional £3bn on energy this year even though gas use has fallen and we're not using any more electricity than usual.

Scottish Power and First Utility have axed their cheapest plans and EDF just got rid of their good value plan. It looks like other energy companies will be following suit.

"The cheapest fixed deals are now, on average, £50 a year more expensive than they were one week ago," said Joe Malinowski of Basically, customers looking for good deals won't be finding them on fixed-rate tariffs, and now, the best deals are all discounted variable rates which are more expensive than the fixed-rate equivalents with the added dread of penalty fees.

Can we round these people up and thrash them?


  • Gaz
    Brilliant! So thw 99% of us with already tight budgets will be squeezed more and more till something gives. Looks like a cold winter ahead.
  • PaulS
    My local Tesco were selling off their thermal vests and pants for £3 - down from £10 - looks like I made a good investment, shame the wife and kids might have to freeze.
  • Spencer
    this is the culmination and conclusion of capitalism and environmentalism and we've nobody but ourselves to blame. spare me a second and I'll explain.... the capitalist ideal is about growth and profit. a measure of success is the rate at which profits increase. environmentalism is encouraging us to use less energy. reduce carbon emissions and what not. when those two collide... energy companies have no alternative but to increase their prices. they have to sustain growth, they have to sustain profits and they have to maintain growth. but 'we' are using less of their product. More and more people are saving energy... loft and wall insulation, low power lightbulbs, new efficient boilers... and this will only get worse as we get greener...
  • Sicknote
    Social deals still exist.
  • Kevin
    Don't like the prices don't buy the products. Same with everything. Try living without them, then see how much you'd be willing to spend.
  • Pizza A.
    Posted by Gaz: "Brilliant! So thw 99% of us with already tight budgets will be squeezed more and more till something gives." Yeah awful isn't it... shame Martin Lewis hasn't continually told us for the last 3 months to sign up for EDF Blue+ tariff which fixes prices for the next two winters, has no tie-ins, is in the top 2 cheapest tariffs for most of the UK and will tell you if a cheaper tariff comes available.....
  • dodgydude
    Spencer, I am afraid environmentalism has little to do with it. It's mainly about capitalism. I am sure few can afford new boilers, low energy halogens, etc. We are too dependent on fossils for our power. Everyday, untapped heat and energy comes from the sun, the ground and from the tidal flow of our rivers. Big ideas are needed. But they are lacking.
  • Jerec
    Buy Solar Panels, make your own energy and sell it back to the slags.
  • Spencer
    dodgydude... I agree entirely... but we are constantly encouraged to use less energy as part of a relentless green/environmental drive. the 'big ideas' of solar power/hydroelectric/hydrogen fuel are all on the horizon... and my point was... we're slowly using less and less fossil fuel... meaning the power companies have to start pushing their prices up to sustain the capitalist ideal of profit growth.
  • Wongaporkpies
    How about set fire to politicians and CEOs of these firms, and call it ecofriendly energy tariffs ?

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