Eeee, it isn’t grim up north anymore

If you thought Northern England was a wasteland of pickled eggs and unemployment, think again, you Southern shandies. Yes, according to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the North is undergoing a renaissance, with ‘double digit growth’ noted in major cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.


There’s also been a big rise in job creation in the North East, according to a survey by Lloyds Bank. And Yorkshire has been cited as the fastest growing place in the UK for private equity deals.

Ian Powell of PWC said: ‘We see significant potential right across the UK with businesses of all sizes showing signs of increased confidence. UK regions are growing, with the North performing particularly strongly, and from our experience, the retail and manufacturing sectors being most active.’

So financial recovery is actually happening north of the M25. And the good news is that house prices are staying about the same, which means you can afford to LIVE. You can also get stotties, Hollands pie and gravy, patties and the best curries.

That London? PAH. Who needs it?


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    Flex wit
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    Chill wi'tripe an' onions.
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    Dawson, when are you going to stop posting as Lucy Sweet? More to the point when is this blog going to stop re-hashing other people's stories using piss poor spelling and grammar and get back to doing what it used to do quite well? Remember that chaps? The good old days when you actually had consumer advice and articles that people gave a hoot about?
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    @Andy Dawson's beer gut lucy sweet .org
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    the south will be flooded soon - then where will you go hey?

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