easyJet's profits soar - geddit?

Airline, easyJet, is having a very nice time this week, watching their profits soar to a record £317 million today. Proof, if any, that crappy companies are really brilliant at business.

This is a 28% rise, thanks to a whopping 58 million passengers who don't care about added frills, and rightly, are far more concerned about getting a good deal so they can have money left over for fun things like booze and illegal cockfights.

And things will carry on in this upward keel, as they have already sold nearly half of their winter seats. They'll also be increasing flight capacity by around 3.5% (less legroom then?) soon, which means even more money.

Chief executive Carolyn McCall said: "These results demonstrate that easyJet is a structural winner in the European short-haul market against both legacy and low-cost competition."

Better yet, Ryanair's Michael O'Leary will be really, really annoyed at this news, and that's good for everyone.


  • b00b
    Cool. Except they're not really a crappy company are they? They operate modern, on-time aircraft on routes to and from useful places. At a very competitive rate. I spent two years working in Cheshire and flying back to Nice at weekends without any hiccups whatsoever. Did I once miss allocated seating or a free bag of pretzels? No. Average return flight with Easyjet was £60, cost with BA or AifFrance was £240.
  • Steve
    The article refers to Michael O’Leary and doesn't contain the nickname "Sky Marshall". Isn't that against BW's rules?
  • Kulvinder S.
    Not sure what the chap who wrote the article expects (or whether he has used Easyjet at all). I've used Easyjet for years and they're absolutely fine, friendly, on time. with a good allowance for hand luggage.
  • Sicknote
    Knock them all you want; I fly easyjet at least twice a week and I they're usually on-time with clean aircraft and welcoming staff. In fact given the choice of all the carriers into Malta where I spend most weekends I choose easyjet.
  • Dick
    Easyjet are a crappy company in the sense that they remove the frills. Jet2, easyjet, ryanair, etc they all fall into the same group. Much like Aldi and Lidl are crappy companies since they don't give a shit about presentation, and often you need to get jars or packets out of stock boxes, rather than seing them neatly arranged on the shelf. It is a badge of honour.
  • DY
    It's worth a read of BALPA's comments on Easy's use of contract and casual labour. http://www.balpa.org/News-and-campaigns/News/EASYJET-PROFITS-BUILT-ON-USE-OF-CASUAL-PILOT-LABOU.aspx
  • Keith
    A weak and blunt-edged website calling a perfectly respectable company "crappy". Thank God Easyjet flights aren't as unreliable and uninspiring as Bitter Wallet's stories.

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