Don't Feed The Phish

An old phone bank phishing scam is doing the rounds again. If you receive a call from 0845 3004275, you might hear a message telling you, “You were called today by your bank. We will attempt to contact you again in the next few days.”

Chances are they will too; they’ll know your name and address and will probably ask you for your date of birth as confirmation of your ID. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll hang up at this point, if you haven’t already.

The correct thing to do whenever you receive a call from someone claiming to be your bank is to keep your trap shut about your personal details, even if you’re 99% certain that it IS your bank on the end of the line. If you think it might be a legitimate call, ring your bank back yourself on a number you know to be trustworthy.

WhoCallsMe is a great user-generated database of the numbers of dodgy callers. If your gut instinct is that a cold-caller is trying to scam you, check the number on this site – chances are that it’ll be there.

Plus, if you need to ring your bank following a call from them, don’t put up with the expense of using an 0845 or 0870 number. SayNoTo0870 should be able to provide you with an alternative, cheaper (or free) number.


  • Dave
    Link to fab Daily Mirror does not work
  • Andy D.
    Thanks Dave - sorted now.
  • Rick H.
    Proper link to the mirror article: I got a call from them a couple of weeks ago too, bizarre as i never get spammy calls on my mobile so i could almost have believed them but for the fact i paused for a second while being suspicious of having to provide personal details, they then got my name wrong (they'd got it right at the start of the call) - i questioned them about it and they hung up.
  • Matt
    Why you be like this? All I require is your sort code and bank account numbah to wire the monies?!?!?
  • ODB
    FUCK! title shit me up...thought Ben & Jerry's had gone under! PANIC OVER
  • Mike H.
    Oh the hilarity ODB, do pass me a needle and thread so I may sew my sides.
  • ODB
    Oh Mick....about as funny as rape. At least people on here find you funnier that I do.... Oh wait...
  • Mike H.
    You've used the rape gag before, and to be honest, ODB, to think rape is 'highly amuusing' is disgusting. We won't go into your poor grasp of English and the intricate use of Grammar and punctuation. Are you still in Stafford Prison accross from the Porn Shop? Oh wait... did you just cream yourself over the thought of Mike Hock?
  • ODB
    HAHAHAHA so you know Stafford Prison? just cause I live in the same town dont mean I know theres a porn shop...fuck, thats what the internerd is for. But my mate confirms your right...only one I knew was by Focus know Stafford Prison has a porn shop across from it...let me guess you 'visited a friend' and just stumbled on a porn shop straight afterwards hmm? The rape comment isnt a 'gag' its saying your not funny...only someone like you would think it was a joke, seen some of the dirge you come out with As for my 'poor grasp of English' at least I can write a sentence without numerous profanities, hundreds of spelling mistakes and a million really blatant innuendos, if your gonna do it at least do it right.... Nice to know you care enough about me to know where I live though lol
  • Adolf
    you are all nazi whores and deserve to get scammed

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