Do you know how much you’re worth?

How much money do you think you’re worth? 25p and a piece of fluff? Well, according to a survey by solicitors Irwin Mitchell, the average Briton is worth quite a healthy £150,000. But half of us have no idea about the sum total of our assets, with 42% saying that they’re probably worth less than the price of a packet of Wotsits.

But. When you add up pension pots, mortgage equity, current account balances, cars and home contents, the figure comes to £147,134. That’s assuming that on average we have a £30,000 pension, £75,000 mortgage equity, £1,348.16 in our current accounts (HAHAHAHA), £5608.98 in a savings account (LOLZ) and £3,712.65 in an ISA. (You are JOKING.) When you add on the average worth of your car (£6706.55) and your home contents (£15,077.90), then you’re worth a pretty penny.

However, out of the 2000 people surveyed, six in ten didn’t even have a will, while a third had no plans to make one.

Still, although we're gung ho about our personal assets, someone out there must be doing very well indeed to make those the average figures. Because when we die, surely quite a few people will be leaving behind overdrafts, credit card bills, Wonga loans, a 1990 Mazda and a rented hovel with black mould on the ceiling...

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