Deathwatch: Nintendo post worrying losses

SonicGenerationsWallpaper1 We’re sure they’ve got a few quid stashed away in the bank but no one at Nintendo will be jumping around like their popular Sonic The Hedgehog character* this morning at the news that the company has announced a £284m loss (to the year ending 31st March 2012). The figures are in stark contrast to last year’s numbers, when they made a profit of about a billion quid.

The downturn in sales of 36.2 percent are largely to blame for the bad digits, and it seems that the 3DS hasn’t been as profitable as was hoped. It’s worth remembering that some drastic price cuts occurred quite soon after the handheld console was launched, which won’t have helped matters for Nintendo’s bean counters.

Sales of home consoles fell by over 50% and the Japanese gaming giants will need the forthcoming Wii U to be an instant hit if it is to avoid further losses – the console is due for international release before the end of the year.

*we know


  • Phuck Y.
    You may try to be clever, Dawson. But the fact of the matter is, SEGA did some, albeit poor games with that Mario dude in.
  • Bluecup
    A bit overblown to say that Nintendo is on Deathwatch. The loss is actually down from the predicted 65 billion Yen to 43 billion Yen. Of course, a loss is still a loss but it is the first in Nintendo history So what does 120+ years of profit give you, " 812.8 billion Yen (£6.7/$10.5 billion) in the bank" So what is BitterWallet's criteria for being on Deathwatch these days?
  • Alexis
    The Wii is 6 years old now isn't it? And the graphics were from 2000 when it was launched anyway.
  • bob
    Bye bye Nintendo and Sony. If they had any sense they would cooperate on the hardware/software. Sony has network knowledge while Nintendo has great I.p.
  • br04dyz
    3DS is clever...but headache inducing virtual babysitting games dont do it for me. The 3D photo thing is cool too - but Nintendo own every photo taken on it. With T's & C's like that, why would you ever use it? The Wii was great for about 3 months, then the games turned into endless Pony Stroking sequels. The only good games (mainly) coming from Nintendo themselves (Mario world & zelda were top was Zak & Wiki and Epic Micky). Consoles - handheld and inhouse - live and die on games. So with mediocre titles aimed at kids and smartphones / tablets with huge CPUs and games like ShadowGun & Wave Runner, wheres the need to buy? I have a Wii & a PS3 - the kids have got tablets (and theres a DSlite in the draw with a R4 card init)...the Wii NEVER gets played - last time we played it was for Mario Kart....then Modnation came out for PS3, and that was that. I think Nintendo have done great things...but there pricing for the hardware and quality (and price) of the software is way off for todays consumer
  • Anthony
    Sonic is made by Sega. Not nintendo...awkward....
  • Dan
    Haha, anthony you tit - read it back to yourself again ;)
  • Phuck Y.
    Awkward for thee, Anthony. FAILED!
  • Phuck Y.
    Phuck Yu by the way Anthony.
  • James C.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Anthony AWKWARD!!!!!! Now excuse me while I buy another Coffin Pie to eat with all my money. I'm fucking loaded me, because I'm famous. It allows me to buy lots of precious food.
  • Drew C.
    Maybe due to the fact Nintendo though it would be a great idea to bring out the Wii U which is not in any way absolutely rubbish.
  • Drew C.
    The Nintendo 3DS is in no way absolutely sh1te either.
  • James C. should meet my mate Chris Peacock. He's on tele as well. Like ME! And anyway, the Wii U looks AMAZING. I want one now. In fact, I want one so much, I might just fly out to Japan, (paying my all my TAX, because I'm loaded) and visit Nintendo and play with one this afternoon. Wouldn't that be cool. I could get some precious precious food while I was out there as well.
  • James J.
    Anthony: In addition to missing the joke entirely, your standard of grammar is appalling. I suggest that you make this your last day of school truancy for a while; you clearly need remedial training.
  • Craig A.
    The 3DS that gives you headaches & is not recommended for kids below the age of 7. And lets stop releasing games on the DS & DSi, thereby alienating all the millions of people who've bought those. A perfect recipe for those losses, inevitable.
  • LanceVance
    Nintendo really should start selling weed. And speed. And crack. And heroin. And pcp. That would make them a few quid.
  • The B.
    @James Corden, your imitation of James Corden is spot on, he's not funny either.
  • Mike H.
    Lance, Nintendo have taken their fair share of drugs. Where the fuck do you think Sonic* came from? *I know.
  • LanceVance
    @ Mike Hock Mobius?
  • The B.
    Mobius or Mœbius?
  • Work p.
    Wouldn't it be funny, it Andy took out the - * we know - from the story and made us all look like cunts. Instead Anthony looks like a prize prick. A prize prick I tell you. Oh bugger...I've started on the penises already.
  • Dogturd A.
    Does this mean no more rutting fox on hedgehog action? * * sexy.
  • Prize P.
    @plumbs You all look like cunts to me anyway so ... Fuck you all.
  • Spluff K.
  • The P.
    Unsurprising, Nintendo aren't American, they're doomed to fail, only Americans companies will succeed, the rest of the World will be consumed by us, you will our bow to our will because we're so much cooler than you. Especially you wonky toothed Brits, go see a dentist.
  • this g.
    Yanks don't say wonky.
  • W0nKeY H.

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