Dear PayPal, you are a bunch of [insert collective noun here]

Ah, PayPal. Your uncanny ability to seemingly piss off the planet without your double charging, questionable terms & conditions and miserable customer services knows no bounds, yet everyone still uses you day in, day out.

Those with a grudge regarding your handling of problems do have a point, though - it's not as if you pay a great deal of attention to them, now is it?



  • Bullet
    HaHa, standard letter, forgot to fill it in did we Daniel! wonder if the Ebay name is always highlited in blue?
  • The E.
    shit company but we will all still use lol !
  • Steve M.
    I would give details of my nightmare experiences with PayPal but is there any point? They will still keep treating millions of customers like shit on their shoes. And most saddening..... people will STILL keep using them. :-(
  • Sean
    Because we have no alternative. There is no viable alternative to Ebay, and as such no viable alternative to Paypal. Please for the love of god, give us Googlebay.
  • numberwang
    "sean" you actually think that a "googlebay" would be any better? lol good article paul, nothing will be done until people are aware of these things.
  • MDubs
    Well we had google checkout whihc was free for a while, then cheaper than paypal, then pretty much the same. Is NoChex still going?

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