Deal Klaxon! The Zavvi glitch that could save you many quids!

ZavviQuick! FREE MONEY! Sort of. If you can get it to work.

HotUKDeals legend andywedge has posted a glitch in Zavvi’s website that will allow you to save a few quid on some of their products, thanks to the magic of currency conversion.

Here’s how to do it…

1) Add a product to your basket as normal
2) Then 'View Basket'
3) IMPORTANT BIT: On the top right you'll see a GB flag and a Euro flag - click on the Euro flag
4) Notice that it has converted it the wrong way (for example a £17.85 game becomes €15.45 (which works out at £13.34))
5) Complete checkout as normal

It also works in conjunction with the rewardyourthirst 15% off code

This glitch also works at The Hut, Sendit etc

BUT – it’s only working on certain products. However, you can view the site in Euros so you can see which products it works on.

If possible, you should pay with Paypal in order to avoid any potential conversion charges from your bank.

Some examples that are confirmed to have worked over the past hour or so are…
12month Xbox Live membership is only £27.50 (from Casp001)
Playstation Move starter pack is only 35 Euros with the 15% off code (from Rudz).

Keep an eye on the thread over at HotUKDeals as the story unfolds/implodes as the afternoon goes on…


  • Dave
    Fixed now, just managed to sneak a Crysis 2 preorder through... Interesting to see if it'll process.
  • Stustaff
    So if this were a company taking advantage of transfer rates to take more profit from customers then I'm pretty sure bitter wallet would rightly say that was awful. What if a customer were ending up taking etc money from people via a software glitch? I'm pretty sure bitter wallet would be apoplectic! But knowingly encouraging people to take advantage of a glitch in software to basically do a company out of money is fine.? What next recommend going into shops and damaging items on the quiet and then asking for a discount because the item is damaged? Just seems a little wrong.? Is it just me that thinks that?
  • tom
    I do agree with you except that the site is mostly over priced and rip of unsavy customers, the lack of customer service and the length of time it takes to post an item. sometimes they will cancel your item 2 months later, so think this balances it out! Not that anybody will get thier items as zavvi are so slow
  • Alexis
    And I thought Zavvi had gone bust???
  • fanpages
    No, it is not just you, Stustaff. HotUKDeals also allow "deals" highlighting pricing errors at supermarket checkouts where customers can knowingly walk in & out with goods at a reduced rate. For example, [ ] In the end it is the consumer that suffers when the retailer increases their prices to offset the loss. In this case, all that was despatched for the many, many fraudulent orders has been cancellation e-mails. You could argue, however, that promoting the "software glitch" at HotUKDeals & BitterWallet alerted Zavvi to the issue sooner. Without intervention a few customers may have benefited. A result? Well done BitterWallet! BFN, fp.
  • lol
    People should take advantage of these 'glitches' when ever they occur. These company's take advantage of people the rest of the time. "In the end it is the consumer that suffers when the retailer increases their prices to offset the loss." fanpages you really think they wouldn't put the price up on products if they could? lol they cant control their greed. They are out to make as much £££ as possible anyway they can they could care less how they treat the consumer they just want as much £££ as possible. Simple as that.
  • fanpages
    "These company’s take advantage of people the rest of the time." The companies offer goods for sale at a price. The consumer chooses to purchase at that price. If the price is not suitable, the consumer purchases elsewhere, or not at all. How are they taking advantage of people? It isn't like anything The Hut Group sells is a fundamental basic need for survival. If you think a luxury item is too expensive, don't buy it. BFN, fp.
  • Shut M.
    Jesus fanpages, does every post you have to write on the internet be SO long and dull at the same time? You remind me of Meg from Family Guy because whenever you talk, all I can think is "Shut up fanpages". Thanks for linking to your blog though, I do enjoy reading blogs that haven't been updated in 14 months.
  • fanpages
    You're welcome. BFN, fp.

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