Deal Klaxon! Free £100 from the Halifax

halifax There are few things in life sweeter than free money, and that’s what the Halifax seem to be offering up at the moment. They’ve got an offer on right now which could land you a free £100 simply for opening an account with them. We’ve seen a few of these offers in the past, and they normally come with terms and conditions that insist you deposit a certain amount of money into the new account every month – not so with this one. The only stipulation is that you have to use their switching service to transfer direct debits and standing orders.

Of course, there are drawbacks as well – Halifax charge customers £1 per day just for using their agreed overdrafts, and they told some bloke to fuck off recently, but if you can put up with that kind of thing, it looks like a fairly easy way to make a quick £100. Please insert your Halifax horror stories in the comments box below. Make them up if you like.

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  • Jeremy
    This actually started in December. I know because I was the proud winner of £100 - I had to jump through hoops to claim it though (proof of identity etc). The branch manager (American - why?) virtually ran round in circles, was happy as a puppy filling in all the forms etc "you're our very first one at this branch..." After I'd received the money and said it would be swallowed up by Christmas, she said I should spend it on myself - such as buy myself an ipod. BTW I'm 58. Don't go to Halifax for financial advice. BTW your winnings aren't restricted to £100 per month - a few payments of £100,000, £10,000, £1000 are also made. Your chances of winning £100 are very slight though. You would do better (if it is still offered) to open that current account that pays £5 a month provided you pay at least £1000 into this current account. Open an instant access account with £1 in it. Transfer a £1000 back and forth in the middle of the month (with a couple of days resting time). The Halifax will pay you a net rate of £60 pa = 6%, which pleases me....
  • Alexis
    £1 a day for an overdraft? Does that mean you have to pay £30 a month if you live permantently in it like me?
  • Tom
    @Alexis: It depends how many days are in the particular month. I have just read the article you linked to about the bloke who was told to fuck off. He's an examiner and apparently he gave somebody a zero mark just for writing derogatory comments on the front of a GCSE Maths paper - what a cunt! The Sun seem to have published his personal details though.
  • Jeremy
    I wonder if that kid with no GCSE recognised the name?
  • Sawyer
    @Tom The examining body awarded the zero mark, not Mr Off. It's probably his own fault though. Rogue employee is the official line, but it's not as likely as him entering his details on some financial comparison site and putting Fuck Off in the name box.
  • Cola M.
    @Tom He's an exams officer, not an examiner. He doesn't therefore qualify for cunt status, just a shit salary.
  • Dick
    It would have been someone entering random data into a form, that just happened to be his address. I often use [email protected] as an email address, with my name and address as Fuck Off, 1 Fuck You Street, Your Mother's Ars, My Cock, PI55 1UP.
  • Tom
    @Sawyer and Cola Meat: So what does an examining officer do if he's not an examiner and he doesn't award marks? I agree with Sawyer's other comment though...

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