Deal Attack! Get £5.00 off an eBay purchase before 10pm tonight!

Anyone fancy getting a fiver off something on eBay before 10pm tonight? Course you do.

If you’re paying with Paypal, use the coupon code COUPONFROMEBAY at checkout and receive £5 off your purchase (excluding P&P).

There’sno minimum spend but you have to use the code in one transaction. We’ve just tried it and it works. We bought one of these. £1.99 after the voucher.


Nice eh? Thanks to avid HotUKDeals members dapp and pantheruncia...


  • lol
    Kinda pointless posting it when there was only 50 minutes left isn't it?
  • bob
    not really pointless, unless you are so slow that you can't order an ebay item in under 50 minutes, lol? 7 people I know ordered things in the last 10 minutes of the deal and only found out about it from me, who found out about it on hotukdeals (but could have easily seen it on here)
  • OFI
    Yes, utterly pointless. Because nobody in their right mind could find something to buy on the biggest online store in the world in a measly 50 minutes.
  • lol
    where on HUKD was this posted? wasn't in the freebies or misc section 2 hours ago:/
  • bob
    It was on the main homepage of the site as well as in the sidebar on the right hand side where it says HOTTEST TODAY. It went up to over 5000 heat within an hour. (It was posted around 8pm I think
  • lol
    really? didn't show up for me:( and i still can't see it either in the freebies, deal or home page (main pages only shows hottest 'deals' of the day on the right). Must be a fault with HUKD's new layout i guess. Ah well:/
  • lol
    Using advanced search for 'ebay' hottest today in 'all sections' in HUKD yields nothing either. Hottest thing found was a Sony ps3 at 1215 degress lol>.> settings problems or HUKD deleted it. Can't find this on my ipad either (without logging in and with default settings). HUKD fails me again:(
  • james
    It wont show up now because it has expired but it can be found if you search the expired deals
  • lol
    urgh, found it. Guess it wasn't meant to be lol:(
  • stabishere1975
    over 7k downloads a very interesting & genuine smokin Hot Deal - thanks for the nod
  • Mustapha S.
    Got to over 9000 degrees. Shame the wife blew it on something shit.
  • Dick
    I saw it at 9.55pm and got an two orders in by 9.58pm. Yeah, two free items.
  • Tom
    so why send this out-of-date in today's deal email? pointless... and now i've just stupidly bought something that i have to pay full price for. cheers!
  • Nick O.
    @Tom - just done the same thing... ^^^ Shit, and I thought I was going to get £5 off an iPhone... now I'm committed!
  • H
    You snooze you lose guys.
  • mister o.
    friggin awesome deal!! i got a capo for free!!! thats FREE! as in nowt!!! lovely thanks =)

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