Customer Claims Ltd caper 'guarantees' to reclaim bank charges

This morning I received a call from Customer Claims Ltd offering to help me reclaim all my bank charge. Forget what you've read about the fight against unfair bank charges being dead and buried - Customer Claims guarantee you'll reclaim every penny. Guarantee. No, really.

According to WhoCallsMe, this Manchester outfit started cold-calling individuals only a few days ago. According to one operator I spoke to, the company is buying credit information on individuals and adding up all the bank charges and other fees accrued over the past several years. They then call the individual, tell them how much they've lost in bank charges and guarantee they can reclaim that amount plus interest - for a fee. The customer pays an administration charge of £49.99 and can expect to reclaim all their bank charges within six to eight weeks. Simple as that.

The background to this case concerns the well-documented efforts to reclaim excessive bank charges in the past four years, during which time the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) took the banks to court on behalf of the consumer; the charges were eventually deemed unfair but then this decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal. Last month the OFT declared it was giving up on further legal action because of the 'low prospects of success'. The OFT is looking to suggest changes to banking in the future and will report on its progress in March, but it is not expecting to continue legal proceedings on behalf of consumers. There are very specific cases that may be eligible - banks must consider matters of financial hardship, for example, but that's it.

So how can Customer Claims offer a fast track service that guarantees your money reclaimed in six to eight weeks? The simple answer is they can't. There's no way for them to receive preferential treatment with regards to claims and besides which, the chances of currently reclaiming any bank charges are slim to anorexic. It's bullshit, plain and simple. They're not the only ones - Company Claims seem to operate in a very similar way to BAB UK Ltd who appear to take the money and run.

If you'd like to know more about Customer Claims, you won't find anything on their website because it's been taken down - a cached version shows this has happened in the past ten days. After my initial call, I rang back to find out more about the service and ensure I hadn't misheard:


The whole thing is a nonsense, because nobody can guarantee refunds on bank charges in two months and those that do are playing on the confusion concerning bank charges and the fear of loss; the country's in a recession, times are hard - £50 seems a worthwhile investment when you're guaranteed a return of several hundred pounds. If you hear from companies like this, get in touch and let us know.


  • Andy D.
    He sounds gay.
  • Bob
    Was the volume on the phone very high with lots of background chatter? Just got a call asking for the director of the business. Lied and told them he was out and they just hung up.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    How did the phone call end?
  • Paul S.
    The reporter made his excuses and left.
  • Davz
    Yes, i am one of the knobs that fell for this rediculous scam... Is it now worth replacing my card now to avoid any potential future withdrawals from my account?
  • Paul S.
    You're not a knob, Davs, it happens - official sounding business claiming they can do you a big favour for a small price - it looks like it's a win-win situation. There'll be thousands falling for it. I doubt they'd be so plucky as to pull a second payment, but the fact is they have your card details now. What exactly happened Davs? How long ago did they call you? What has happened since?
  • Mr. B.
    @Davz If you just give me your bank and personal details I will be more than willing to do it for you so as your not inconvenienced. This service is free as well. I'll be waiting here for your reply. Thanks.
  • Droyboy
    Im going to go with you on this one Davz, your ARE a nob
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. After speaking to my stepfather, a PCSO. I believe Mr Paul Smith is in breach of RIPA 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998, by not informing the other party that a recording was being made that would subsequently be played to third parties (readers of this blog).
  • ElDiable
    'the charges were eventually deemed unfair but then this decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal' Not true. The court case was to see if bank charges could be assessed for fairness under the Unfair Terms In Consumer Contracts regulation. Actually whether the OFT considered them fair or not was never disclosed, as they lost their case and it was therefore irrelevant.
  • Mark P.
    @Brian PCSO=Megacockwand therefore, I will ignore everything you and your step lover say.
  • Bob
    "Hi, my name is Brian. After speaking to my stepfather, a PCSO. I believe Mr Paul Smith is in breach of RIPA 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998, by not informing the other party that a recording was being made that would subsequently be played to third parties (readers of this blog)." Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998?
  • Paul S.
    I'll try and go one better... The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 not only applies to phone calls, but also to any website that has ever published the contents of an email not intended for them. In other words, it's contravened on a regular basis by plenty of websites, including major news organisations. That said, I think the recording can be classed as lawful conduct under clause 1.5.(c) of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act since the purpose of the recording was to obtain information afforded by my statutory rights as detailed in 7.4(a) of the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004. It's unlikely the Data Protection Act would apply in this instance since the recording contains no information of a personal nature that readily identifies the individual in question. Ultimately this recording is the result of a company cold-calling a consumer without prior knowledge or consent - the purpose of the recording was to verify company information which is publicly available, and the call offers no other information, personal or otherwise, beyond that purpose.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Fuck the Supreme Court and their stupid ruling, here’s a company that GUARANTEE to get your bank charges back! [...]
  • Dave H.
    Mr Smith Firstly wow, cant believe that following my call around half one this afternoon that i would find this on here. Having not been able to hear the guy due to the major back ground chatter and office stlye sounds, when i actually got to take the call at work i was greeted with a "hi how you doing". As i said due to the high level of noise in the background i generally didnt hear alot of what he was saying clearly and therefore kept asking him to repeat himself and therefore got the just of the idea that the company was going to claim all my charges back for me for a fee of £49.99. When i said i had a claim already going ahead with the Financial ombudsman but was under the impression the whole thing had gone under i got the reply that in three weeks they are going to court again. Following this i was sucked in a thought this could be a great help in these tight times, however the more the conversation i got the more i started to think this is too good to be true. The confusion started when he asked me for my name, although i gave it, alarm bells started to ring as to why he was asking my name if he had it in front of him, bearing in mind that despite not telling me how much i could claim he told me that due to having credit check abilities they knew everytime i had a charge applied, so surely he should've known it??? Perhaps like with banks it was a security question i told myself, the same with the address but thats when i drew the line. I made my excuses as to not having my card details to hand, so therefore didnt give them and he duly asked as to when he could call back to obtain them, gave me his number and my own personal claim number!!! He was very polite and kind throughout the conversation, apart from a cheeky will the line be better when i call back, and generally sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but again the alarms bells were simply this is far too good to be true, especially as i was told by him it would be between 3-4 weeks. Perhaps with all these television programmes such as The Real Hustle and the more fictious Hustle, it has made me more aware and negative about these things, but i thought that i'd get home and check the company out and here we are. Are we just too cautious?? Secondly, what is it your website offers? I'm glad to have found this via google but what made you set this up as i've not come across this before either, so thats two companies in one day. With all this negativity should i have posted this either???
  • Florian
    Similarly, got passwords stolen on sunday. Seems that nothing is uncrackable.
  • Frigyes
    Along the same lines as this story, twitter got phished just 2 days ago. Seems that nothing is safe.
  • charitynjw
    @Brian DPA 1998 applies to living persons - after his 'appearance' on BW, this guy is toast!!
  • mike
    i got a call this mornin askin for my name how id recieve a pak for 50 quid all but a penny n all claims bk in few wks. to me this was awesome, but i knew there wer alot of scandels kciking about n didnt give card details as i no u never give a security number over the fone....d'uh haha. so i made my excuse tht its at home, and thy asked wen to call bk. cheeky. i did get a ref num for claim and also got the operators 'name' tht i was speakin to!! get tht! i recieved 2 numbers shud i like to call bk, however after ending the call i decided tht i wud either check which? website which has nothing on this matter thn decied to type the company name in google n get this site. nice to no i didnt give details over n wen they do ring bk ill threat thm with goin to court for scams or to OFT. see what they say and ill reply on ere wat they say to tht. tht will be on monday sum time. if any of u want to read it.
  • Matt
    Is there anything can do about it? cause i agreed to it, like the dumbass i am, and now i am stuck with what i now know to be scandal... >=[
  • Dave H.
    I was called by a guy called Nour and like you was given a claim number and like you checked online and found this. Still waiting to see if other people write on here
  • Libby
    I have just had a call from Customer Claims asking me to pay £49.99, Darren made it all sound too good to be true. He said I could claim almost £10,000 back! I said I would like to do my own research on the company before I made a decision and asked him to call me back on Monday. I am very glad I read this.......thank you.
  • DN
    Got A call from them. Sucker to have gone through with the transaction. Had my doubts and came back to the net to see this. Called them back asking fot what website and address of company is. Caught them offguard completely. They just kept telling me to call customer service. I pressed for more information about the company and they realised I had caught on. Tried his best to end the call. I really don't care about the £50. But their scam needs to be heard about.
  • nik
    I had the same call in november! I paid th £49.99 after checking their website and end every thing seemed legit. I recieved a letter about a week later with all the forms to fill in. I filled them in and even took photo copies of pay slips and sent them all off. They now have my bank details my address everything they need to make a false id. Last week i recieved a letter from my bank saying that i had made a complaint against them and was trying to reclaim unplaned overdraft charges. The letter then goes on and says these legal proceedings came to a conclusion on 25th nov 09, when the supreme court decided that, as long as they are clearly set out, the level of unplanned overdraft charges cannot be assessd for fairness under the consumer fairness legislation known as the unfair terms in consumer contract regs. As a result the outcome of the legal proceedings means that the bank charges i have cmplained about are not penalties and the supreme court has also decided that the consumer fairness legislation means that the level of the charge is not a reason for finding them to be unfair. At the bottom of the letter it says that my bank has been contacted by BABUK ltd and they have sent them a common financial statement (cfs). I have been trying to contact customer claims ltd since i recieved this letter to find out whats going on but the phone just stays on hold and i cant got through. Then i found this. Im still in two minds but i think im going to contact the police
  • Dan L.
    I'd just like to say thanks to the author of it and the comments. I've just had a call from the same company and thanks to the stuff on here, I was able not to get involved or get scammed. He claimed I could get about £500 back by sending him £50 or something, and as a student that kind of money is important to me. Lucky The Real Hustle was on last night, or I'd never have thought to check this out XD
  • andy f.
    I recieved phone call today, he asked me my date of birth, when i said i would ring them back he said " whats my problem" very rudely. I put the phone down and just forwarded all the details to the police on this company.
  • DC
    Had a call today (11:40) from 01616625081 (number not with held) after the usual blurb, asked how they had my phone number and was told that it was form a direct marketing company. This started to ring alarm bells but asked caller to go over the process and was told that over 65,000 people had successfully claimed with them and that in itself should be enough to convince me. I then stupidly provided my name & address, suddenly realising that I would be giving my card details for the £50, so I did not give out my card details and was asked why, made a lame excuse and then said I really want to do some back ground checks on your organisation after all I parting with my entire identity and bank card details here from a cold call. I was then told that they would not need my CSV authorisation number just the card number and dates. Their secure payments system would do the rest….and after all they had not with held their telephone number! I still refused and the guy then advised me their registered trading name, address, company ID and to check them out on companies house web site. They quoted a company web site but said there were currently problems with the server and to try later. Glad to have stumbled across this after the call. Just wish I had access to this web page at the time of the call. I now intend to write to their Data controller to formally request they provide all records they hold on me. I will follow the usual rules about disclosure around DP act and will probably end up reporting them to ICO. Does anyone know if this is will be affective or a complete waste of time? I just don't want the details I stupidly provided sold on to other organisations.
  • patricia
    My partner got hit with this con last night only not to the tune of £49.00,they have taken £87.00 he has now cancelled all his cards,bank has told him that as he gave them bank details his bank will not refund the £87,as the caller told him he was calling from his bank he thought it was all above board,there was a phone number but when he called it back it was dead.worrying thing is they now have all his details "ie"name address and age which is more worrying than the £87 my partner is 70 and in ill health these people are partner has never paid bank charges as he has never been overdrawn but they told him the bank owed him money he could claim back by paying them the money in return for a pack which will arrive in a few days "asif".please if you get a call hang up and phone your bank do not tell them any details.
  • Johnny
    OMG!!!!!!!! I payed for this, just had the pack through and was about to send it off, thought I would check out on the website where to send it to and came up with this as the listed website doesnt work! I believe it's not even owned! What the hell should I do? photocopy the pages send the pack back and ask for my money back? send the pack off after photocopying and hope for the best? It's a given I am changing my bank details! Everyone talks about alrms ringing! I'm so stupid! Thank god I have seen this! At least I know what I can expect! I spoke to nour aswel, too coincidental that we spoke to the same person, I ring them back and everything is clear on the phones, they are very helpful with me getting on with this! I might aswel just go with it and tell my bank not to accept anymore charges...... What do you think?
  • Johnny
    Anyone had any money back? when are you expecting/expected the money to come by?
  • Alan
    BAB UK Ltd is Coustomer claims, or vice versa. I had a phone call from ''Coustomer Claims Ltd'' and stupidly fell for the same thing. I paid them a few days ago, only just been on my online banking and saw that ''BAB UK Ltd'' had taken £49.99, thats when i knew i had been taken for a mug because they were calling themselves ''Couetomer Claims Ltd'' on the phone. I wont be sending the pack when i get it but i will be making a stupid excuse up to try and get the money back, also changing my bank details. Thanks for the information Paul and others, stopped me from making myself send more information to them.
  • Jefferz
    Lucliky had my wits about me when I received a call from these fraudsters. As with most people who are contacted in this way, I was initially quite keen on the idea but decided to ask a few questions i.e. will I get a written guarantee to say that my 49.99 would be returned in the event of my charges not being successfully refunded. Response - "Anyone could provide a written contract for anything but that doesn't mean it's legally binding". I also asked about a web address where I could check out the company and as others on here have mentioned, was told it was being updated and was therefore offline! At the end of the call, after refusing to give my card details, I said I would like to have some time to think about it and the response (which had the alarm bell ringing even more) was "What is there to think about. Just give us your card details and we'll do the rest." How very professional! After reading the above I actually hope they call back at the end of the month as they said they would so that I can put all of the issues raised on here to them. Would be interesting to hear how they respond - if they're still in business!
  • sam
    My dad got a phone call today from a women saying she wanted to know my dads bank details for £50 so she can claim all the bank charges that he "is owed" she rang back again so my dad asked for a website she gave many! but known of them worked! and she said she will ring back in half an hour, but she went silent when he asked for a website! i doubt she will ring backnow! there was loads of chatt er in the backgorund like someone said before! the number she gave was 08448701361 Reg;06722462 her name was Amber Kairam! dont know if the name is real or not but hey... oh and the post code is m13 be.
  • tony w.
    Got a call this morning from a chap offering the same deal, 49.99 for all my charges back. I said i would have to research the company he worked for. he even gave me companies house website address, company registration number and everything. registered at 1 portland st manchester. thanks but no thanks. they posted new business details on 21st jan this year. very dodgy.
  • donna
    omg i cant belive i feel for this to they have all my details even my account number and sort code address and d.o.b any ideas what i should do next
  • Aga
    can't we take them to the court??
  • Debbie S.
    I, have been contacted twice by Customer Claims Ltd, the man who called the first time was extremely rude from the start and when I asked him how he had got my number he said that he "didn't like my tone MADAM". I also asked him who he was trying to contact and he said that the Data Protection Act prevented him from giving me that information. I put the phone down but then decided to call Trading Standards. I would suggest that anyone who has either handed over their details or paid any money to Customer Claims Ltd should call Trading Standards and give them all the details, if they can be taken to court it would be most effective coming from an organisation like Trading Standards.
  • claire m.
    I have just been called by Customer claims direct an hour ago. Intially i was convinced !! I was passed through to a manager who asked for my card details, i started to give them to him then the alarm bells started ringing and i stopped. He said it was ok he could still access my account with out me giving the security code (I have been in toutch with my bank) I refused to give him permission and he seemed to panic and bounced my call back to the call centre to a confused telephonist who is going to call me back after giving me chance to research the company she did give me a specific web site to find them Which as you see gives no details at all! This is how i have found this site !!! BEWARE THEY ARE STILL AT IT !!!
  • Joanne L.
    My partner has just been conned in the very same way, he is fuming...he gave me the details for Companies House, that the website they are using but they are going by Customer Claims Ltd, it was only by chance that I checked both names....he has been onto his back and has to call back in the morning..within 10 minutes they had attempted to take the £49.00, he will also have any charges to pay, he has Secure Banking on his card so you would expect after pages of these stories proving they are fraudulent wouldn't be too hard. Shame we cant take this and shout it from the roof tops as I dont think enough people know about this. What can we do? I am about to email Trading Standards see what they have to say. How do they sleep at night?
  • Anthony J.
    Im surprised that theres so many negative comments about this, I actually had the service I was offered and recentley got paid out from them (barclays account £850)!!!! I did have some problems getting through to customer services but on the whole they did what they said!! Just for reference
  • Anthony J.
  • joanne m.
    just for the record, i managed to get £1500 back off of abbey , through customer claims - i think the company deserves some slack. they certainly did as they promised for me !
  • arthur s.
    just got sent a letter off their legal dept. confirming the amount i was getting back - looks promising !
  • Leigh J.
    I just had a call from Sean at Customer Claims Ltd not even 15 minutes ago, and had never heard of them so didn't give him any details (as he sounded pretty shady) and told him I would contact my Bank direct regarding this. Do NOT give any details to this company, I am going to report them to Trading Standards.
  • Gary R.
    i had a call on friday from customer claim ltd giving me the same as everyone else with all the back ground noise. i told them i didnt have my bank card with me and i was driving but they gave me a number to call back and also passed me to a manager to check what i had been told was correct. he read back my address which was incorrect and said that they would call me back on saturday. they did try but i didnt answer the phone as i wanted to check the company out. good job i did and read all the above. keep up the website it saving people like me money it is a shame that they will still be getting some people.
  • Julie
    I had this call today. When i asked the caller if he could call me back later in the week he replied "LATER IN THE WEEK!!!!! ALL I WANT IS £49.xx AND I CAN START THE PROCESS" He was obviously looking to hit a target for today and doesn't care about later in the week me thinks Bunch of chumps. Can't wait to tell him where to go if he does call back....
  • Keely M.
    They contacted me today. I fell for the talk at first, as I have been trying to reclaim my charges. I did my credit card charges by myself, and that worked. At first it sounded legit, then my sensible mind kicked in and I asked how they got my details. The guy on the phone said that they had been passed them by the bank, thats when I knew it was a load of sh*t. I said I needed time to research the company and he said ' dont you trust us?' I said how can I trust someone who has cold called me? I am not sure about this... I used to be a Bank Manager so know some charges can be reclaimed, but don't think their story of 65,000 customers 100% success rate is true. On credit cards yes, on bank charges NO.
  • Scott
    Got the call and got as far as giving address before getting suspicious. So did a search on google and found this page. I recently moved banks and have no charges with new account, so when he asked me for the details of this account I thought it was strange. I was told they take a 20% commission, not sure about up-front charges - but I would always be wary of giving out details to a cold-caller.
  • Keely M.
    They just called me back again. When I said I was suspicious the guy was saying you read bad feedback about every company, just ignore it Very wary about this. I said if you have 65000 happy customers, 1 who dont sign up wont make much difference!
  • Alexjm
    Just been called (10 minutes ago) for the first time by the claims department at Customer Claims Ltd. The call came from, as noted before, 0161 662 5081. Sounds like they might be chaging their tack a little. The guy said he was calling as I hadn't been refunded the charges on my bank account yet and that they were calling to sort it out. I explained that as far as I was aware the bank hadn't charged us anything and he mentioned that it was any charges over the past 6 years. We have had no such charges, but then he moved on to credit cards and then loans, presumably until he found something that he could get a bit further with. Seemed very dodgy to me and would suggest that you don't give any information to these guys at all. Not even your name.
  • Paul
    Call from this number just received: 0161 662 5081 A quick google of the number got me here and now I'm glad I cut the call straight away. I was immediately suspicious as the line was very noisy and only my wife ever phones me on my mobile!
  • sable
    i just got a call from these guys, when i answered the call the girl was laughing which is why i immediately said i couldnt talk right now
  • n
    Just received call from 01616625081. I may have misheard over the noisy call-centre, but it sounded to me like Salma offered to try to help me get back interest payments on my mortgage! I asked for their website so I could check them out online, was told it was, and to search for company number 06722462. The website address set off alarm bells, so I told them I would call back if I was still interested after checking them out. She gave me the reference number 1110323. Googling "Customer Claims Ltd" brought me here. I would advise never giving out any information over the phone until you've verified the company over the internet. Too many sharks out there!
  • mark
    Youn know what.. the cold caller might have got my details off of me if he hadn't been so rude. He made it out like i was inconveniencing him by not giving him all my personal bank details on a cold call without properly explaining what he was doing. Ive since been on the web and after a bit of resaerch I have concluded that while in idea this is sound, it has been massivly mis-sold and there are no guarantees. Saying that, if it had been explained propperly i might have had a punt at it for £50. NOT NOW!!
  • james l.
    i was contacted by customer claims ltd and did give my details over the phone but i had no money or overdraft on the account so they couldnt have got any money anyway.... point is the guy was very pushy and a bit cheeky too.... anyway i got him to call back today at 5pm (i had searched their details over google phoned the bank cancelled my card and phoned the police ... whosaid there is no crime committed to me as no money is taken) and he started using the chatter again but they said p1 and p6 forms yesterday and today it was p1 and p2 forms!?!?! so i proceeded tto explain i wasn't interested and he started to have a pop at me down the phone saying i was messing him around. surely they would understand people being warey about them just calling out the blue... maybe i did miss out on the chance to get £940 back but i have lived with that for so long i just think of it as a learning curve and will be doing the same with the agro now caused by the fact i followed my stupidity and gave details out over the phone and now worry about I.D. theft and future trouble........ what a mess,. my point is just leave the dept in the past and get on with life or get your money back yourself.... go to citizen advice beauro or something never doin this again
  • steve
    I received a call from this company yesterday and spoke to some guy called David Morgan. He told me i could reclaim all my bank charges . I told him my name and address and he explained what the procedure was. He then put me through to who he called his manager and he asked for my card details. Ididnt have any cards on me so he said this David guy would call me in the morning to take more details. This morning some young lady rang and told me he couldnt call as his mother had passed away in the night from cancer and she would take my details. As she phoned i was and still am trawling through all these messages on google and told her so. I replied this to her and she replied OH OK and i put the phone down. To everyone out there if you are owed or think you are owed money from your bank or b/society see them and talk about it. Dont let these schemers make money,.. Thanks to all
  • Refund
    If anybody wants a refund of any money paid to Customer Claims, it is very simple to do. On your card statement you will notice that a firm called BABUK has taken the payment & Customer Claims. As you haven't given BABUK permission to take anything from your card, this is an unauthorised transaction. The bank will chargeback any money you have paid, which means they will refund you themselves & then force Customer Claims to pay them back. Simples! Regards, Ex-employee
  • JayDubYA
    Hey everyone looks like theyre doing the rounds in Cumbria now.My mother in law got a call from them,then about 10 minutes after walking in the door we had a call from them.Asking all sorts of details , date of birth acc. numbers etc etc
  • Denise
    I have been scammed by Customer Claims as well. Some may say ''idiot'' but they were very convincing. Of course, they do not exist at their address in Manchester any longer and phone numbers are either obsolete or have been taken over by another firm. I could not afford to lose the £50 they charged as I am an OAP but they have no consciences when they are scammers. I am looking into the refund article above by ''Refund'' but don't hold out a lot of hope as I paid by prepaid card. The only good thing is that I DID NOT give them my bank details. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT HAS HAD ANY LUCK WITH THEM??? I THINK NOT!!!
  • bethan t.
    in feb this company contacted me and went thru every thing and the woman i spoke to seemed so genuine, she went thru evey thing thing that i would get back. she then said she would put me thru to her manager to go over every thing to make sure every was ok, the manager then asked for the payment of £49 to send out the claims pack (which i didnt have at the time until pay day) so she said she would ring back on the friday. I advised i couldnt afford it that week as i was short, and they kept ringing me over the next few weeks, they actually spoke to mu husband who was off sick at the time and he rang but as i was a break and couldnt really talk and said it was up to him, so he paid the £49. I did recieve a claims back 2 weeks later and filled it in and sent it off but today have heard any thing ( after reading all this i doubt i ever will now). Pity i didnt decide to look on here first we would have been £49 better off. I tried ringing the company number today to chase and it is now not working (how convienient). This makes me sick to think that there are people out there just to rip off other people at this time due to the recession.
  • kimberley
    i originally got a call from Nour in 2008, telling me he could get me my charges back, i already had an official claim in, but told him to send me some info before i paid anything. i didn't receive anything, then my partner at the time got really ill, so i was obviously more concerned with that so didn't worry about chasing it up. in January Sean Rose rang me, from number 01613580200, asking me why i had not taken them up on their offer. i said i hadn't received the pack, he said this was because the person dealing with my case had been sacked so my case had got lost in the system. he persuaded me to pay the money, i am now a single parent receiving no financial support from my ex so it was an appealing offer. i asked if he could take the money the following week as i had no money that week, but it was taken the next day, leaving me short of money. i received the claim pack, rang up to get some advice on how to fill it out and everything seemed to be real. about a month ago i was concerned as to why i had not heard anything so rang the number in the pack and was told they had still not received the bank statements from NatWest. i have just tried to ring again, the number is not currently active, i came to check the website, which worked a month ago, to find it has gone. Sean's number just rings out so gutted i fell for it
  • Maria
    This happened to me aswell. somebody called me and kept on persuading me that i was going to claim from my over draft charges and PPI. I paid £49.99 for a pack and I was told I needed 2 packs so they could sort out claiming back for all those charges from different companies, so I paid £100 filled in all the paper works gave all my details I needed to fill in and send it off to them, with a promise that within 6-8 weeks they would be able to claim back all the charges I paid. I tried to follow it up by phoning them but for 4 weeks now they're phone line is not working and their website is currently reviewed, so I am disgusted to know that this type of syndicates are opertating and fooling vunerable people specially at this time of recession. I am hoping that the police or goverment agenies will see to this matter and that this should stop.
  • Lewis
    I've been cheated as well. I just want to sue it to the court, when I was filling the form on line, there address come back a lot of different addresses except this company. So I think it's a waste of time. I do wish sb know how to take it to the court or how about just call the police? I hope somebody may organize us to fight with this serious criminal company. Otherwise more people will be suffered.
  • Tasha
    I fell for this too,, they already had my card details but asaked me to confirm them, so i did, obviously thinking they had them and just wanted to make sure it was correct. They asked me for 49.99 & i said i didnt have the money ( i did but if i gave them it, i wouldnt of been able to pay my car insurance, resulting in my 3rd bank charge) anyways i said i would ring them back when i had the money (but i wasnt going to, was just an excuse to get rid of them) howeverr, without my permission they took out the 49.99, luckily i had money in there from a refund from a tv licence.. I have just read all of this, feelong siock that i have lost 49.99 plus my 50 in bank charges so thats a total of £100,, i have just tried ringing their number & it just says " the other person has just hung up" i have a "30 days complimentary acces to platinum numbers helpline, and i have just tried ringin them & yet again it says its not available.. What A HUGE sacm & to be honest people like that are just wankers!!!
  • Angela
    I got scammed too! Wish I had listened to the alarm bells I heard from the off. Similar to everyone's comments on here. The guy was very nice (too nice) and reassuring (even worked over when everyone suddenly went home at the same time and it went suddenly quiet from the very noisy, busy call centre i.e. fake background noise recording!) of all my doubts that I expressed to him but what a cheeky git for playing me and how stupid I now feel after reading comments on here. Although I knew this was too good to be true I allowed myself to be played and twats like BABUK take advantage of people's hopes, vulnerabilities and desperation. Another lesson learned in the school of life is so hard!
  • chel
    i gota £582.67 refund! im happy with service! x
  • alice
    people like this piss me off i fell for it as well im stuck with a pack with a load of useless numbers on it , i to payed £49.99 cant even get a website for them!
  • Maya
    I had a call today from a guy saying his name was peter anderson he said that because the bank has lost 2 cases they are having to refund peoples money that is all service charges anyhow i aksed w hich bank the guy then paused for a few seconds and then said that it was lloyds so i thought yes its legit. he told me my address and then asked me my dob and i gave it. he said that they would send 3 letters that i was to sign because i said i wanted it all in writing. further on he asked me to give him my bank card details and i was worried so i said i lost my bank card yesterday whilst shopping he then said your lying why are you lying your card is in your handbag so i said if i did have my card how can you be so sure that i keep it in my handbag,and not my pocket or purse.he then changed the subject and said are you married and i said yes. i then realised that i may well be a fraud and just to check him out i said cos i have lost my card and as your saying your from lloyds can you give me the number for the departmnet that can issue me a new one. but he started mumbling and couldnt figure out what to say. then he said it will be on your bank book and i sdaid i dont have one and which book is it. but he couldnt answer. after that he said do you have a boyfriend and i said no im married and i am happy imn my marriage . he replied these days girls still have4 boyfriends eventhough they are married. i cant believe how thick i wasd to carry on talking to him i should have slammed the phone on him. after that i said i dont beleive in that shit and i ma not an unfaithful wife. after that he kept saying it will only take 30 seconds to take your card details and give me your card details quickly i said how can i when i dont have my card and then he said you can use any bank card just give me your card details i wanted to get this guy caught so i asked him for his number so i could call back but he wouldnt and said can i call you later todaty but i said no im out call me tommorow so i could get his number and get him caught. any way as i was saying bye he said i love you mwah mwah and said il call tommorow. now reading this i feel such an idot for talking to him soooo long what a twat. i even said to him i you dont sound english but he said i am and then put on a fake english accent.what a twat any how he will be caught sooner or later and i hope he gets a lot of punishment for it. thank god i did not give any bank details. feel like an idot.maya
  • jonpaul
    just a note ive had one today so went searching. i too avoided giving details and it felt 'wrong' from the calm advice the person was giving. The fact that it was 'simple' and all i had to do is confirm my identity to claim £4481 in charges was ridiculous. i made my pleasantries and wished him goodbye due to the fact i 'needed ' to go to post office and 'deposit' £386 to confirm my identity. here are the apparent details of the offending company or someone claiming to be them UK national bank reclaim Jason Epps is more than willing to help' you on 02030269785 Stay away from the thieving people and always give a false number as they will 'call' you back on mobile to get the money
  • Steve
    Guess what I got a call from Consortium ltd Friday saying they could claim my morgage ppi back . This bloke went throughall the srill and then said that will cost you just £199.99 if it doesn't come off they will refund my money.If it all goes through they will take a further 25% from the back end of the money. I'm always jubious of cold callers but this realy had me steaming.I told him I didn't have £200 he said hang on ill put you through to my manager a Mr Richard Lewis he tried to convince me to put it on my credit card. I asked for there web site and told him to ring me back tomorrow. Well i've looked at the web site and now i'm looking on here you know what I think ill keep my £200 and he can go and scam somebody else. If they have any sence they will look on here as well.
  • Lawrence
    found a nice page dealing with phone spam numbers. might be worth a look. cheerz
  • Jo
    Hi, Does anyone know how I can get refunded my £49.99 x 2 fee charged by Customer Claims Ltd? Who do I need to get in touch with? Thanks Jo
  • insurance
    I used to be recommended this website by my cousin. I am no longer positive whether or not this publish is written via him as nobody else recognise such special approximately my trouble. You're incredible! Thanks!
  • Nishi
    Hi guys, The customerclaims you are referring to stopped trading years ago and I have registered the company name with a different companies house number and I was not in anyway involved with the previous company, is dedicated to helping consumers who have been wronged by retailers or other companies and is completely free to use.
  • Beth
    My Grandfather received a call the other day about this Consumer Claims, he was told it was all legit and we decided to investigate as it seemed a little dodgy. After googling this 'company' I came across this website and somebody said they had their so called offices in Manchester. We looked on the complaints form he got through the post and it is, 7 Harbour View, The Albany, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1AQ. We googled this address and apparently this is a takeaways address. I just thought I should warn others about this 'company' as they seem incredibly legit.
  • Nick C.
    Another good site for reporting scammers and telemarketers is The site is filled with reports on this PPI scurge that has hit the UK. They seem to be switching or adding new numbers to call people with every single day. Not going to go away without new laws in my view.

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