Credit card fraud on the rise

creditcardAs more measures are developed to stop credit and debit card fraud, criminals are going old-school with their methods, indulging in unsophisticated card snatching and PIN theft, according to an industry body.

Card losses accounted for £185m in the first half of the year, a 9% rise on first half of 2011, the UK Cards Association said. So when they're not stealing your card, they're phoning your house pretending to be your bank and getting your PIN from you.

"This increase is due to organised criminal gangs committing straightforward frauds," said Det Ch Insp David Carter, of the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit, which is funded by the banking industry.

"Given this rise in old-fashioned crimes - criminals using distraction techniques and duping people into disclosing their passwords and online banking details - we are urging everyone to be on their guard and work with us to help stop this criminal activity."

"Your bank or the police will never cold-call you or email you and ask you for your full login details, cards or PINS. If anyone does, hang up the phone or delete the email."

Keep an eye on nana, basically.


  • LancerVancer
    "Goodafternoonmadame, my name is George and i'm a calling from your bank" You have got tot be an utter tit to give your details to anybody that calls you.
  • oliverreed
    I've had a card hit before with Easy Jet tickets, what I don't understand is that ticket number or seat allocation must have had a passenger turn up with a passport, can't the crime be pinned to someone? Same goes for items ordered online and delivered to an address - surely the police need to look there to find the culprits?
  • LuckyL
    "...In just over a week, iOS users with the new Maps have already searched for nearly half a billion locations" Only they didn't find them.
  • zeddy
    @LuckyL: a bit like you and topics...
  • Mike M.
    How many people get badgered on the phone by their banks?
  • Bungle2000
    @oliverreed - I know, someone had booked an Alitalia flight and Heathrow Express coach on my card and it turns out the flight was for a date after I had reported the fraud, yet the police said it was unlikely they'd investigate it. You'd think with all this talk of charging users of Debit and Credit Cards for the privilege os using them, they'd make an effort to reclaim the money that was stolen from them. I say let the fraudsters carry on, if the police can't be bothered to catch them and the bank don't care.

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