Couples with 2 kids have to earn £40,600 a year to live

money jar Ever wondered why you’re walking around in a knackered daze with moths flying out of your pocket, wondering how to make ends meet AND keep up with the endless demands of children, who want things like water, food and new shoes?

Well that’s because the amount of money required for an acceptable standard of family living has gone up by 46% since 2008, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. And we’re not talking about trips to Legoland or booze and hookers for Dad. We’re talking BASIC NEEDS.

Despite the fact that the amount of money needed for staying alive has risen by almost half, wages have gone up by a piffling, paltry, perfunctory 9%.

The JRF have said that even if wages start to rise, the gulf between income and cost of living is so huge that families still couldn’t hope to catch up.

‘People have talked a lot about wages falling behind the cost of living but this really lays bare the challenge to make up lost ground.’ Said Katie Schmuecker from the JRF. ‘This isn't just falling short, it's falling behind.’

So that’s why you feel like you’re running to stand still ALL THE TIME. No wonder our heartless moneybags overlords call us 'hardworking families', eh?

*sells kids*


  • bob
    These figures are absolute nonsense. Averages mean nothing as they are skewed massively by those on huge incomes or who live in wealthy areas. We have one child and a houseold income less than £20K a year and we get by just fine. So if we have another kid it'll cost us another £20K a year? I doubt it. Not everyone lives in London.
  • Joseph M.
    "And we’re not talking about... ...booze and hookers for Dad." Could tell straight away that this article was written by a woman. Imagine if a man had written "And we're not talking about shoes and make-up for Mum" - a controversial comment which would be met by justifiable anger from just about all women. I thought this was a forward-thinking blog.
  • PC S.
    "forward-thinking" - have you seen how old the trolley of the week picture is?

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