Could rebranding save the global economy?

How do you solve a problem like economic meltdown? Put it to a politician, and they'll suggest spending your way out of it. But put the same question to a creative strategy consultant, and they'll suggest a rebrand. And that's the idea of the Dollar ReDe$ign Project - to do away with the imagery associated with the current mire, and get everybody excited with a brand new look.

All a little tongue-in-cheek, but Richard Smith is getting plenty of interest from designers, keen to do their bit to stimulate the US economy:

[Dollar ReDe$ign Project]


  • Mike H.
    I think the Bank Of England needs to set up a website where you can download the images of notes so you can print out your own money, yeah? Is that a good idea? What do you mean no?
  • u k.
    as-if they'll get ridda the eye, satanist anti-Christ devils
  • Tom P.
    Who's that HOT chick on the new US note?
  • dan m.

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