Contactless payment limit up to £30

contactless-payment Wafting your cash card at a machine and a payment going through still feels impossibly futuristic to many of us (okay, just us) and from September, you'll be able to do a contactless payment up to the value of £30, rather than the £20 limit we now have.

This means you'll be able to tap-and-go on fancy wine or thirty things from a pound shop. It is all very exciting.

There was initial reluctance to utilise contactless payments, mostly through not being able to let go of the old habit of jamming your card into the machine, but last year, contactless spending trebled as more shops and more consumers got into the idea.

2014 saw a whopping £2.32bn spent by people waving their cards at machines, but it there's some way to go before it comes close to matching the amounts we spend with chip-and-pin and good ol' cash. Even so, that is a 255% increase on the previous year, and more than double the spending of the previous six years combined.

According to the Payments Council, they think that 2015 is going to be the first year where we see the amount of cash payments being made falling below the number of card transactions.

We'll just have to wait and see about that. Either way - £30 limit! The next round is on you.


  • Albi
    Never seem to come across it. Everywhere just has normal machines?
  • Russ
    When the apple pay finally starts in the U.K. I wonder what the contact less payment limit will be , I'm guessing more than £30

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