Contactless mobile phone payments hit the UK


Are you one of the, ahem, millions of people who have a Samsung Tocco phone on the Orange network? If so, you can rejoice as you can now use it as some kind of futuristic debit card thing!

Orange have teamed up with Barclaycard and have launched Quick Tap, a contactless payment system using the Tocco, the first of its kind in the UK, and apparently the future of paying for stuff.

Once they’ve got the Quick Tap app, punters load up their phone with up to £150 from a debit or credit card. Then, when they come across a shop with contactless payment facilities, they pay for stuff by waving the phone around until the money falls out of it. We think that’s right anyway.

Transactions are limited to a maximum of £15 and are all logged by the app. The same protection that is afforded to credit card customers will be in place in case a phone is stolen and fraudulently used.

Earlier on BBC Breakfast, a tall, nervous man who knows about these things said that it’s the future, and used the phrase ‘high penetration’. Which was a bit weird for 7.55am but we’re happy to believe him.


  • The B.
    I can't wait to be stood behind someone rummaging in their handbag to try and find their phone, then finding it, unlocking it, opening the app and then swiping the phone, and again, an again. Oh joy.
  • Alexis
    I assume there are about 3 shops in the country where you can utilise this technology?
  • Paddy
    Ah, this reminds me of the Motorola itunes phone. Remember it? No, I didn't think so. A Samsung Tocca is hardly going to be the phone of choice for anyone who wants a decent smartphone. NFC payments are the same as 3d televisions. Pushed by trade and not wanted by consumers. How about they concentrate on useful stuff such as increasing battery life and decent applications?
  • Billy
    "Once they’ve got the Quick Tap app, punters load up their phone with up to £150 from a debit or credit card." Hmmm, why don't they just develop an app to allow a quick swipe of a card, with the same limitations as the phone, e.g. £15 spend max. I don't get the extra step, someone enlighten me please. Oh ffs, by the time I typed this, I take it you could load yer kids pocket money onto one of those cheap looking phones that kids won't want anyhow ?
  • Phil76
    I don't get it. Is this an app (IE software) as the story implies, and if so how is it limited to one particular phone? Or is it hardware, like a chip built into the phone? Either way seems to be a solution looking for a problem.
  • Sawyer
    My Barclaycard already does this, except: a. I don't need to top it up b. It doesn't rely on battery power, the phone being turned on, or the app being opened c. I don't need an outdated Samsung Tocco to use it. Besides, I've only ever seen these contactless things in Caffe Nero. And why would anyone need a payment system in their phone anyway? As attached as we're becoming to our phones, mine's still behind keys and *WALLET* in terms of things I take with me when I leave the house.
  • Dantes C.
    why not, we already use mobile phones to pay bus/tram tickets
  • Xochitl L.
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