Commercial Break: Watch as the cider-swilling men of toil turn on the bankers

A while back, we got all sneery about the new Strongbow ad, the one that slightly apes Braveheart and celebrates the traditional working man and his love of… erm, ice-cold cider at the end of a hard day.

It’s a scenario that’s filled with more holes than an old man’s vest but Strongbow have redeemed themselves a little with this follow-up viral ad. The hardy perennials are there – the roofers, the gas fitters, the bankers… hang on a minute, the bankers?

Watch and see how the suit-wearing bean counters are treated by their fellow grafters. It’s pretty much what you’d expect and no less than they deserve. Pints of Strongbow all round then.


  • Mike U.
    Quality, but I would have an alternate ending say FUCK OFF and beat them to death with their own briefcases
  • Jamie
    Jealousy is a funny thing. Enjoy your low wages and crippling back injuries, plebs.
  • nipper
    Jealousy!!! With English like this you can expect a top quality job in Mcdonalds my friend!!!
  • goon
    actually made me smile. i hope bankers (the shitbag ones up top not the ones on the desks at the bank) get cancer and die before they can spend the money they stole of everyone
  • little b.
    i think jamie's right to think we were jealous of bankers. i stress "were". now we realise the boom was based soully on leverage, that jealousy has turned into naked hatred.

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