Commercial Break: Tat's how banks actually look now!

We’re going 'bank to the future' today – four decades back to be perfectly honest with you. Legendary French mime artist Jacques Tati was hauled in by Lloyds Bank and paid a load of money to star in this chilling look at the bank of the future.

The idea is that banks would never turn into one of these automated hell-holes and there’d always be a friendly face there to talk to you and help you with your fiscal concerns.

Well fuck you Lloyds – you got that one disastrously wrong didn’t you? The ad looks EXACTLY like every high street bank in 2011. Yes, that’s right – ALL OF THEM. It’s disgusting is what it is.

And where’s Jacques Tati now? Dead since 1982, that’s where. The very same year that the first ATM appeared*. Wonder what Lloyds have got to say about THAT?

(*we made this up, although it might be true.)


  • Craig
    Not quite true to life, as this bank is actually OPEN. Unlike Lloyds TSB in Eltham which, as I discovered to my chagrin after trekking all the way over there, closes at four-fucking-thirty. On which bizarre planet do these clowns live? Can they really justify closing the branch a full hour before even the luckiest of us poor, feckless proles can escape work? Time to reconsider my bank, methinks.
  • A C.
    I see this as a good thing. If you don't have to employ an illiterate teenager to sit behind a desk to be nice to customers, then you can save about a fiver an hour. Which equals bigger bonuses for us hard working people.
  • Geoff
    Don't think that's Jacques Tati though....

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