Commercial Break: New Halifax ads still make us want to smoke crack

He’s gone people! Howard Brown, the bald, coke-rim-spectacled national irritant is no more. Well, at least not in the Halifax ad campaigns. He’s been moved back to whichever festering branch he crawled out of 15 years ago (or so it seems) and is probably standing in the staff kitchen now, slowly stirring a mug of tea and wondering why he’s been treated so shabbily by the fame game (it’s actually because you’re a bell-end mate.)

In his place comes this, another staff-based ad, which highlights the fact that the bank give a fiver a month to every one of their Reward Account customers. They’ve highlighted this by showing said staff members constructing elaborate human pyramids in order to hand out the greenies.

As bank bosses sit sweating in the House Of Commons, offering up a set of too-little-too-late apologies for the finacial soufflé that we’re all up to our necks in, isn’t this a gross misuse of staff resources? Shouldn’t Halifax just deposit the £5 into every customer’s account electronically instead of sending this besuited circus out on to the road every single day?

Bring back Howard! At least you knew where you were with him. Namely wrestling a shoe from your foot so you could aim it at the screen, right on his gleaming bonce.

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  • Joff
    I'm looking forward to having a monthly ritual of constructing elaborate traps in a hilarious Wile E. Coyote style (albeit with improved success rates) to foil the blue suit wearing brigade from thrusting their freshly printed fivers into my palm. Does anyone have any experience with razor wire?
  • The B.
    I'm currently £8k in credit with them (too lazy to move to the deposit account), they give me £1.60-ish a month in interest but charge me £2+ for the £2k overdraft facility that I'm not using, genius huh.
  • Billy
    I don't trust these pyramid schemes which promise something for nothing.
  • Martin
    They won't be giving me a fiver a month. They will be giving me £15 a month. You can open three accounts, put a grand in each and move the money back to a savings account the next day. Or move the grand back and forth between the saver and the current accounts so that each of them get a deposit of £1000 a month. Banks have screwed us for years. Time to screw them back. That's over £180 interest a year on £1000 - over 18%.
  • jaysexy2122005
    Can't believe they can still can afford to make adverts after being bailed out by government money. Is this really a wise use of tax payers money?
  • bidrick
    They want to get some of them human pyramid people behind the counters and cut down queuing times!!!
  • Lumoruk
    jaysexy, they were bought by Lloyds TSB yes the government have a stake in them too but not as large as RBS
  • MattS
    Wow, a pyramid scheme that actually works =D
  • Kevan
    Huh!!! The Halifax ripped me off big time about ten years ago. They fleeced me of £5,000 by not believing that my wife was who she said she was (we had a joint account). They thought I had brought some woman in off the street to pretend to be my wife just to stop me from closing an account (it had a very substantial amount of money in it at the time). My wife even had her passport to prove she was who she said she was. In the time it took to eventually get my money out the value of it had gone down by £5,000 :( Financial Ombudsman? Waste of time!!!! Halifax = robdogs Steer clear I say.
  • Andy D.
    @Kevan - sorry to hear about your problems with the Halifax but eternal thanks for giving us the word 'robdogs'
  • Ellie
    New advert's got Born Ruffians as the theme music though. Thumbs up!
  • bigblunz
    Interestingly or not, the new Halifax human pyramid advert was filmed in Auckland NZ, i hope they hired locals and not employees!!!
  • pozycjonowanie W.
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