Commercial Break: Halifax off and die!

Just what is going on with advertising at the moment? In the last couple of weeks alone we’ve covered two ads that are down there with the worst that 2009 had to offer (we’re talking about the Redknapps' bullshit holiday film and Iggy Pop going for a drive with his own penis. Now here’s the third – the wacky new commercial for the morons at the Halifax.

The ad comes hot on the heels of the wretched bank making the staggering move of introducing a £1 a day charge for customers with overdrafts, irrespective of whether they go over the limit or not. You’d think that in the wake of that act of extreme violence against their own customer base, Halifax would be keen to present a more subdued image or keep their heads down altogether.

Nope, what they’ve done is embarrass their staff once again with this ad, in which the people who look after your dosh make prize pricks of themselves while supposedly doing a breakfast radio show.

There’s novelty foam hands, high-fiving all over the shop and Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ – not to mention a faked phone-in (broadcasting suicide these days) from a staff member with a waste paper basket on his idiot’s head.

So these bastards want us to leave all of our money with them? If this is the sort of shoddy behaviour they get up to, we wouldn’t trust them with a packet of crisps let alone our wage packets.

And another thing - show us ONE breakfast DJ of any repute who eats fucking toast in the middle of a show. Not even Moyles does that!

The best bank manager ever, Captain Mainwaring, will be spinning in his grave.


  • Thom
    I think you'll find Chris Moyles and his team constantly eat live on air. Normally a sausage sandwhich.
  • Me
    Of course Moyles eats live on air. Take a look at him. If he didn't he'd probably die...
  • Sideysid
    Lets get one thing straight...Chris Moyles is in no way a breakfast DJ of any repute
  • Annoyed
    That inane Halifax advert is taking the piss. Who comes up with this sort of shite and moreover how much has it cost account holders. Everyone involved deserves genital mitilation.
  • Annoyed
    that should read mutilation. Fuck it anyway.
  • Mark M.
    I must say that I find this advert really annoying, to the point where I change channels. The advert really works if I turn it off every time it come on!
  • Nobby
    Yeah, it's a crap advert. But in the spirit of modern advertising, it gets people talking about it, even if it is how shit it is. I'd close my accounts with them, but I have three reward accounts and they earn decent interest. Once a month I transfer £1000 from my currrent account to the first reward account, then move it straight away to the next reward account, and then the third, then back again to my current account (taking about a minute in total). That's three accounts with nothing in them earning me £15 per month, £180 per year.
  • The B.
    Yep, I mute it as soon as I hear that 'tard say "Hi", that's as far as it gets,bizarrely I've not watched it the entire way through, I think the first time I was so annoyed with that hi 5 crap that I managed to mute it and turn my attentions elsewhere.
  • Warwick H.
    What a great idea Nobby, I must try that.
  • charitynjw
    At least they had the decency to include a bit of subliminal advertising.........oh, sorry, it isn't a bull......
  • Bananaphone
    There are a few terrible ads around at the moment. As well as this fucking awful Halifax ad others that will guarantee I'll change channel immediately are the unbelievably misogynistic Lynx Twist: (girls get bored easily!) and the horrifying Evian babies ad: That last one gives me the creeps.
  • Northern L.
    Is this the same Halifecks that laid most of the staff in Yorkshire recently. Genital mutilation is too good for these fekkers... SWERVE - AVOID - UNLESS RUNNING DOWN A MEMBER OF STAFF!
  • Bill B.
    I feel even better now for screwing them out of £15 a month with three un-used (except for cycling my salary through them each month) reward accounts :)
  • Sue
    Most of us on the advert including us two DJ's, are actors who are meant to look like we work for the Halifax or are extras and only a few were Halifax employees who were carefully selected and were in the background. So please don't think loads of staff were having a jolly at your expense or take out your anger on us, we're just doing our job. Personally i think this is a happy and uplifting advert! I don't get any money for my current account at all at my bank! So from this deal you get £60 a year for merely having your salary put in per month as normal - £60 pa = equivalent of 2 phonebills paid for or a week's food shopping or two massages etc. Maybe i'll transfer to the Halifax myself! Every bank/building society has its pluses and minuses at the moment and it depends if you're in credit or debit as to which suits you best. If i wasn't happy with my bank i'd simply go to another one that suited me better!! Simples!
  • Kevin
    £5 a month minus £1 a day isn't much of a deal. It's just a bloody annoying advert. Happy and uplifting for the first time maybe but after that it makes you want to slap the stupid arses in it. Of course Chris Moyles and all DJ's eat in the studio, look at the new Chris Evans ad's too ;), they just don't do it with the mike on or right in front of it.
  • Brad
    Thanks Sue, you have convinced me to not use Halifax, It like watching a 2nd bad advert from The Halifax in a week.
  • Nobby
    > Simples. Sue: Are you also a meerkat?
  • Ten B.
    [...] That new Halifax ad – just what in the name of Satan’s cocksocket were they thinking? [...]
  • andy y.
    I don't understand what the problem is. The ad was to portray that a virtually state owned enterprise they are as arrogant,clueless and narcissistic as ever. It succeeds.
  • TheLazyOne
    Northern Lad - what an idiotic response. Believe it or not, the actual staff of the Halifax have naff all to do with making the adverts or choosing who is made redundant. I hope you get run over and nobody comes to help. Tit
  • Helen O.
    The Halifax, bless 'em. Continued to sneak £37.02 each month as a credit card payment even after I'd cleared the balance. I no longer have paper statements so I had no idea. I expect that's how they're funding the 'free' £5 a month for current account customers.....
  • Allen
    Sue says " we’re just doing our job " Indeed, as were the fucking Nazis
  • ANN B.
    If you don,t like that one have a look at the new one which started on 29/01/2010. Most who have talking parts are actors but the guy at the back who says hello in Hawian is a genuine Halifax employee who works at the mortgage branch in Harrogate. He and other Halifax employees who appear in this and other ads are just trying to make a living like anybody else and they enjoy taking part as something different than the daily grind. Good luck to them i say.
  • Ian M.
    I don't normally comment on blogs but felt compelled to do so by the horror of this advert. It really is fucking risible. And Sue, if that is you with the slice of toast an you are a professional actress I would offer Halifax a refund - your introduction is so wooden if IKEA had been involved they would have called it 'Henrik' or 'Ramvik'. And your reactions at 0.12 - WTF? I always assumed these numpties were employees and that's why the acting is so thoroughly crap. To hear contrary is astounding. I have nothing against Halifax staff but as a Senior Marketer of some years myself I think Fallon (the creative agency) and whatever dick at HBOS is signing these off, should be strung up.
  • crumble
    Don't give a toss about the advert, but Sue is really fit. Could we have one set on a topless beach next? What's the name of Sue's friend? I think she'd be ok in at as well!

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