Co-op to blacklist gambling firms and tax-avoiders

co-op bank At the moment, the Co-operative Bank look like they're thrashing around and shouting nonsense to anyone who'll listen, in a bid to see if anything gains them credibility and trust.

The poor lambs.

Their latest idea is to add gambling companies, tax avoiders and surveillance firms to their blacklist of businesses that they will refuse to lend to.

Co-op are really ethical see? And they want Guardian readers to throw all their income at them.

Today sees the Co-op announcing the review of their ethical charter to the 4.7m customers they have. The Co-op have always said that they won't invest in weapons and tobacco or anyone who wants to test things on wickle animals. Now, they're making puppy eyes at their customers, asking them what else they should blacklist - illegal surveillance, illegally avoiding tax, gambling, and endangered species? You decide.

They also want to know whether or not they should promote start-ups, crowdfunding platforms or businesses that pay a “living wage” rather than the minimum wage.

The bank’s chief executive, Niall Booker, has raised concerns that the lender’s collapse could mean customers walking away from them, if they look like they've lost their values.

"This is an important milestone in the transformation of our bank," he said. "We have a clear turnaround plan with a vision to create a smaller, more efficient, sustainable bank focused on serving individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, which is set apart by its commitment to values and ethics."

Just don't mention anything to do with high ranking Co-op execs getting stuck into a load of crystal meth or sexy orgies.

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