Co-op is going old-school with rebrand

Co-op rebrand

The Co-operative Group are edging away from the mess they made in the last couple of years, and have had a rebrand, going old-school with their famous old logo.

It isn't just a case of new typefaces on things - there's also a new discount scheme for members too. There was a whole mess, and they started to turn things around slowly, and offered to pay £4 to current account holders with them.

This is all part of a bid to repair their image with consumers, and they've said that they will direct some profits to community projects, which will be chosen by their customers, locally.

You'll remember the Co-op Group's financial black hole, which saw them racking up a massive £2.3 billion loss, as well as the then chairman Paul Flowers getting stuck into a load of drugs.

Co-op say that these discounts and donations are going to total somewhere in the region of £100 million every year.

Members are going to get an automatic 5% discount on all own-brand products, which means that as well as money off grocery shopping, Co-op members will also get discounts on insurance, legal services and funerals.

This is going to start in earnest during Autumn.

Which charities are going to get money? Well, Co-op's staff will be making a list of projects they support locally, and customers will be able to vote on where they'd like their money to go.

Co-operative Group chairman Allan Leighton says: "We are on the verge of creating a new Co-op economy."

You'll be seeing the familiar old Co-op logo on your store soon, as it is rolled out across the UK.

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