Co-op asking everyone: 'What did we do to offend you, yeah?'

Co-op The Co-operative Group haven't had the best of times lately. The result of that is a bit emo, where they've said they have "lost touch" with customers and now, they're reaching out by saying 'we can change', 'help us be a better person' and 'please take us back... we never meant to hurt you... we're sorry that we made you cry' and basically, have turned into John Lennon at the tail-end of his Lost Weekend.

However, instead of making drippy LPs, the Co-op have launched an online poll and chief executive Euan Sutherland said the mutual would listen to suggestions made by customers, staff, members and anyone else who wants to throw their penneth at them.

He said: "In recent years The Co-operative Group has lost touch with its customers and members and with the communities in which it operates - we haven't been listening. We will be asking people up and down the country what they believe the Co-operative should really stand for."

"This is an unprecedented move for an organisation of the size and the scale of the Co-operative and the results will feed directly into our wider review of strategy and purpose."

They also want to know whether they should make political donations or not. See, the Co-op donated a million quid to the Labour Party and they won't be doing that for a while because they need to save money themselves. Cuts mean they can't be throwing money at David Milliband.

Not only that, but there's the whole business of Paul Flowers who used to be the chairman and has links to Labour, who got involved in a drug scandal.

Co-op's survey will be open until March 24 with results published at their annual meeting in May. You can click some buttons which represent your views, here.


  • Ian
    You spelt 'Miliband' wrong. You also spelt 'Ed' wrong.
  • shiftynifty
    Ian......get out more

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