PayPal joins the police force to tackle piracy

31 August 2011

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredIt was announced in March that MasterCard and Visa would be withdrawing their payment services on websites which sell copyright infringing music. Since this move they have removed their payment facilities from 24 music service site. These two are massive players in the payment industry and now with them on board the next logical step for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (representatives of the recording industry worldwide) was to approach, with the City of London Police, arguably the next biggest player - PayPal.

Now, PayPal is joining forces with the City of London Police to combat music piracy. Their Acceptable Use Policy of PayPal states it will not tolerate the use of activities which will:

a) 'violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation'

b) 'relate to the sales of items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity

c) 'items that infringe copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction'

If the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry anti-piracy investigators believe that they have enough evidence to prove that they have found an infringing site then they will provide the City of London Police with their evidence.  Once the police have verified the evidence, they are able to notify PayPal who can then take action. PayPal will then request the relevant music licence from the retailer and quite possibly in the meantime suspend its services to that retailer until this is provided.

Carl Scheible, PayPal UK’s managing director, commented:

“This announcement shows that PayPal is very serious about fighting music piracy. We’ve always banned PayPal’s use for the sale of content that infringes copyright, and the new system will make life even harder for illegal operators. Our partnership with the music industry helps rights holders make money from their own content while stopping the pirates in their tracks.”

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  • James D.
    Any idea if this will apply to usenet providers? Or are they far enough removed from the illegalness.
  • Stu_
    Is usenet illegal? I like to read the posts of trolls and oiks relating to the Mud People of Sudan. uk.rec.mud.sudan
  • Dick
    Why do the City of London police get involved if the crime is committed outside of the square mile in which they operate?
  • 1KG
    Aren't the City of London police effectively a private sector police force, being part of the City of London Corporation, lending a faux air of authority to the whole proceedings - and probably available for hire?
  • Captain C.
    Is this the same Paypal that took an unauthorised payment of £300 from my bank account and then said "tough" when I complained??? They are bigger Pirates than The Pirate Bay!!!!
  • The B.
    @1kg - I have to disagree, "If you can find them then maybe you can hire the 'City of London Police Force'", it just doesn't work.

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