Car insurance is on the up!

poolside-Car-wash have published their car insurance price index, which is a fantastically catchy name indeed. However, they've found something that won't surprise you, but will irritate you to the point where you might grind all the teeth out of your face.

They've noted that the average price of comprehensive cover has gone up in the UK.

The average premium is now £600, which is a rise of £9 on the previous quarter, and £21 over the course of the last 12 months.

So what does this mean for you? Well, 'you' is a bunch of different people, so let us wade through some figures. If you're a man who is between 21-25 years old, you've seen the largest annual increase, which won't shock many. If you live in London, then you've got the most expensive car insurance in the UK.

The place which has been their insurance rocket by the most, is Dundee, where drivers have seen their insurance go up from £386 to £445 over the past year. If you live in Manchester or Merseyside, you'll be glad to know that there was a small dip in how much you have to fork out, with comprehensive policies falling by £4, from £808 to £804.

Anyway, if you missed the link in the first line of this article, get all the information you need about this, by clicking here.

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