Budweiser owner agrees to Peroni takeover

beer-300x225 The owner of Budweiser has agreed terms with SABMiller, regarding a takeover.

Just imagine the sheer volume of very average lager that this is going to unify! Now, before merger fans start getting damp with excitement, there's not been a formal offer submitted by  AB InBev, but SAB have said that they'd be happy to get this going, should someone ask.

It looks like there'll be a deal worth around £70bn thrown on a table, which would be the fourth highest-value takeover OF AAAALLL TIIIIIME.

Merged together, the companies would be worth over £180bn, which is an eye-watering amount of money (eye water being the main ingredient in a number of their beers, no doubt). One of the things that AB InBev will be excited about, is that they'll be able to get access to Africa, where they've not done too well. SAB, on the other hand, have been having a lovely time over there.

The markets are excited by all this, naturally. They love a takeover. SAB's shares opened 9% higher when trading began on the FTSE 100 on Tuesday.

So there you have it. We wonder if this will mean almost all supermarket lagers are going to end up having exactly the same contents within a couple of years...

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