Brits spend more on prostitutes and drugs than on wine and beer

wine The Office of National Statistics have unveiled some figures on British spending habits and there's quite a surprising result in amongst the crunched numbers.

If you think we collectively drink a lot of wine and beer, it's nothing compared to  how much we spend on drugs and prostitutes.

This is the first time the ONS have included narcotics and sex workers into their calculations of Gross Domestic Product in order to ensure "comparability in measuring Gross National Income across EU countries."

So here's the kicker: In 2013, Brits spent £11bn on wine and beer, while spending £12.3bn on prostitutes and illegal drugs.

The figure for the procurement of sex workers in £4.3bn alone, with the rest disappearing up noses and the like. Drugs are split into crack cocaine, powder cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and imported and home produced cannabis, worth £6.7bn a year according to the ONS.

So the real story is this: British people spend over £23bn on having a really fun time.


  • UKoap
    ONS must have conducted this survey in their own offices?
  • Samantha
    so that's £12.3bn they could be collecting taxes on if they'd stop trying to legislate their opinion of morality and instead legalise and regulate these industries.

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