Brits saving £2 million an hour with money-off vouchers

cimg0111 Here’s one that should appeal to the hordes of HotUKDealketeers out there. Savings-thirsty UK citizens are clawing back £2 million through money off vouchers every hour, making a total of £2.7 billion per year.*

Research by has shown that more than 1,500 vouchers are redeemed each minute with every person saving an average of £56 per month, enough to pay for a bloated Sky TV subscription or, erm… about 300 crumpets.

Whereas in the past, voucher use would have been the preserve of miserly skinflints such as Viz’s Norbet Colon (pictured), it now seems that they’re an acceptable part of our currency, with 38 per cent of consumers using a discount voucher twice a week or more, and 46 per cent saying that they’ll be using vouchers as part of their 2009 Christmas shopping spree.

Sian Harrison from took a deep breath, opened her mouth and trilled: "Our research shows that the vouchers are becoming an expected and valued part of our shopping routine. A few years ago it would have been unheard of for people to pay for Christmas presents using vouchers – now almost half of us won't be shopping without them.

"It's a clear reaction to living in more cash-strapped times when retailers and restaurants are desperate for us to spend with them and must offer discounts in order to compete." She then closed her mouth again and did something else that wasn’t interesting enough to be included in this story.

* That’s as a whole, and not per person.


  • The B.
    Don't forget Quidco.
  • Amanda H.
    again with the "please charge me £5 a year" quidcon
  • Gunn
    What's wrong with £5 a year? they normally offer better cashback than the free ones so it works out in the end. and if you dont make any money they dont charge it.
  • piggy
    Quidco does usually offer better cashback rates than other 'free' cashback sites. They have to make their money one way or another...
  • James
    Yes damn their oily hides, I resent the whopping fiver they took from my account and the £145 cashback I got from them this month is only making me feel a little better about it.
  • Amanda H.
    £5 a year is better in my pocket thanks WITH the same % cashback as them. Plus, I get my cashback paid faster than their paltry once a month (if your lucky) payment system, and don't even start on the crap statement layouts. I used to keep quidco on the side, just in case they had an offer no-one else had, but haven't used them for aaaaages now.
  • Liam
    Quidcon? Purlease... I have earned £350 this year all for just a £5 yearly subscription. I wouldn't of got this if it wasn't for Quidco. I have £150 coming in this month, which will do me nicely for Christmas. Next year I shall have it all saved up in a year so I can get most of my Christmas shopping out of the way. Thanks to all at BW, HUKD and Quidco. A very happy shopper, Liam
  • Amanda H.
    What's larger £350 or £355? Hummmmmmm? Phone a friend is your only option, but its Boris Johnson.
  • Will
    I've got a wopping £37 cash back from quidco. Even taking into account the £5 thats £32 I wouldn't have had. I'm about to buy 2 sofas costing over £1000, with 8% cashback. Sorted :D
  • Sparky
    I have had £651.35 paid out from quidco not bad for payin just £5 a year and using other cashback sites a don't think I would of got that much
  • piggy
    @Amanda So what's this kushty cashback site then, that passes all cashback on without taking a cut?
  • Jeffrey A.
    I've been with quidco three years now, and in that time have racked up about £2600 in cashback. 3 x £5 is barely a drop in the ocean compared to this. Now, I'm not going to say that I wouldn't have got this if I would have gone with the 'free' (nothing is free, they are making money somewhere, they don't purely do it from the kindness of their own hearts...) But what I have saved, is messing about trying to find which of the 'free sites' cover the retailer, then messing about putting enquiries in to claim back the rate matched to quidco, etc, for every single enquiry. 40p a month, less than 10p an enquiry, is well worth the ten minutes of time I save every time. If your time isn't even worth 60p an hour, then you need to get a job.
  • moon
    Some of the voucher websites are a bit shady.
  • SJT
    I've happily taken over £1000 from Quidco, but screw that, I'd rather have £1005 and be with Topcashback (who I'm with now, and have taken £300 from so far) That £5 is much better in my pocket (or over the bar)
  • Joff
    God bless Quidco and all that sail on her.

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