British Gas are, wait for it, giving money away!

Bitterwallet - British GasAre you vulnerable? No. Not on the rebound after being dumped, crying at the bottom of your stairs like a wet-shit. Properly vulnerable - like a Bitterwallet writer. If so, then you might be getting some good news from British Gas.

The company are reducing the bills of about 340,000 of what they call their 'Essentials discounted tariff customers', which you'll agree, is a very handsome and catchy name.

They'll be giving these poor sods £50 to help with their winter fuel bills.

This is all part of a £37m investment by BG to help out vulnerable customers and, of course, smugly grin about how fucking saintly they are. They'll probably hammer everyone else when their bills come.

British Gas aren't stopping there either. The remaining £20m will be put into something called the British Gas Energy Trust, a tax dod... erm, charity which pays grants to people in arrears with their bills as well as funding voluntary sector organisations to debt advice and the like.

Ian Peters, managing director of British Gas Energy, said: "We know money is very tight for many people in Britain right now, particularly our elderly, poor and disabled customers. That is why we promised to hold our Essentials prices throughout the winter – and it's why today we are announcing this additional one-off payment to provide extra help following the recent extremely cold weather."

So, if you're eligible for this £50, you'll get a credit on your winter bill. The Guardian reports that prepayment customers will receive the credit direct to the meter.

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  • Deejay
    They've done this for the last 5 years at least. They used to give you a £50 cheque, but they've obviously realised Carlsberg Special Brew doesnt really constitute as heating.

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