Black Wednesday coming for banks as charges decision looms

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It’s been a long time coming, but the drawn-out bank charges debacle could finally come to an end next Wednesday (November 25th). That’s the date that’s been set for the Supreme Court decision as to whether the OFT has the right to assess whether or not bank charges are fair.

The decision is expected to find in the OFT’s favour and lead to an investigation that should take… ooh, all of five fucking minutes to ascertain that no, they’re  not fair. Not in the eyes of the law anyway.

Assuming that the arrogance of the banks won’t stretch to taking the fight to the European courts, the decision should open the floodgates and see millions, billions and possibly even a whole gazillion pounds returned to customers from financial institutions who didn’t bother to check with the lawyers before they escalated bank charges into a major revenue stream for themselves.

It is believed that 1.1 million customers have claims that have been put on hold during the two-year court case, and there’ll be many more who’ll be looking to get back what is lawfully theirs over the coming months, should the banks call it quits after the Supreme Court’s inevitable judgement.


  • Adam
    As per usual, the fucktards spoil it for the rest of us. The only thing that is going to come out of this case is the fact we are all going to have to pay a monthly sum to be allowed to have a bank account. Banks will end up like ryanair... oh so you want internet banking? That will be £5 per month. Oh you want to be able to withdraw cash too? Thats another £5. An OVERDRAFT?! Of course, that will be £50 a month. The payment dodgers will fuck it up for those of us who have lived within our means.
  • rob
    No way the 25th will be the end of the matter.......gazillions to take it to the universal supreme court of inter galaxy federation??????????????????
  • Jed
    they will take ages to repay!
  • Ronnie
    totally agree with Adam. if the stupid fuckas had kept control of their finances in the first place then they wouldn't have been charged at all. I have never been charged in 32 years of banking. it's not rocket science. don't spend money that's not yours and you wont get charged for it!!!!!!!!
  • stx103
    some have already started, Bank of Scotland / Halifax are now charging you £1 per day that you use your overdraft facility. If you use an authorised overdraft of upto £2000 it is a £1 per day over £2000 it is £2 per day If you go into an unauthorised overdraft, it is £5 per day. Wonder if all the banks will start to do this after the judgement.
  • Ian P.
    stx103; If not that they will introduce similar charges ; probabaly a monthly charge unless you pay more than a certain amount per month
  • xman
    I pay a monthly charge for my bank account and it more than pays for itself with the free mobile insurance, the free travel insurance (which has been claimed from substantially), and free rescue service. There's probably other things too but I've never checked. Now they may of coruse remove thes e"benefots" as they like to call and then I would I be pissed off
  • A B.
    I keep all my money under the mattress. When I want to order online I use other peoples accounts. Banks are all wankers. Go fuck their mothers left testicles, bunch of C UNTS
  • bob
    Some people, especially the poorly paid, find themselves in debt through no fault of their own. It all it takes is for someone on a tight budget is a parent to get sick leaving them having to find child care costs, or their car they need for work to give up the ghost, an acrimonious divorce, waiting for a large home insurance payout... etc. etc.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I receive FREE banking from HSBC, and i don't work for them!
  • issac h.
    Hello Brian, Does mommy know you're playing on her laptop?
  • Shane
    I like turtles!
  • Jeffrey A.
    @Adam&Ronnie Seriously, are you two fucking retarded? If 'The stupid fuckas' had not gone overdrawn etc and not incurred any fees, then there would be no fucking revenue from it coming in, and banks would have had to introduce standard account fees anyway? Seriously, +fuckloads of moronity points to you guys. Really didn't think that through did you? A huge chunk of these fees are caused through no fault of the account holders. People losing jobs, people losing income through sickness that work doesnt pay for, unexpected bills, etc. Even if its not through no fault of their own, why the fuck should people who aren't as well off, be financing retarded cunts like you? The only fucking thing they should be financing, is the lethal injections Sloth brains like you should be given at birth. We all use the same services. We should all pay the same amount for them.
  • Ted S.
    Erm, this isn't the beginning of the end, we are barely half way through proceedings. It's likely no-one will receive their fees and charges back in 2010, never mind 2009. As for the fucktards that run these charge up, have you seen the Consumer Action Group forums? It's so full of tramps you can almost smell the methanol. These people should have never been given oxygen, never mind bank accounts.
  • JH
    Well I am one of those 'Stupid Fuckas' that has a claim in for Abbey for the sum of £2500. I should of seen it coming, I mean it's not my fault is it, that my girlfriends Mum was taken into hospital, so we had to care for her, while loosing a job that paid £35k per year, and having to sell my house, and relocate the whole family to the other end of Britain. Seriously, I wish I could turn back the clock, and to say, 'No I am happy watching you die so that I do not have to sell my house etc.' Some people seriously are complete and utter cunts! Keep it up people, you make this country proud! Twats!!!!
  • chris
    £200 invested by the banks makes them £7600 ,thats a better return than any business i can think of,banks want the book thrown at them for ripping us off to a massive degree,there fucking all pricks who deserve a damn good thrashing
  • CompactDistance
    LOL 'Assuming that the arrogance of the banks won’t stretch to taking the fight to the European courts...' Knowing the banks, that's a mighty big assumption mate
  • James
    @ Jeffrey Archer Are you confusing banks with charities? They are not there to provide support for the bad luck people suffer, they are actually businesses that are supposed to make a profit. Like any business with a contract there are terms to be adhered to, which supposed grown ups are capable of reading and making a decision whether they wish to go ahead or not. If you don't like the charges look elsewhere. I have lost my job, we have had family emergencies I have been off for six months when I am ill. Amazingly discussing the matter with banks, getting benefit claims in have seen me managing to avoid charges in nearly all cases. It has been hard and stressful at times, but I actually like to stick to the contracts I sign in the same way the bank has kept up their side. Perhaps instead of screaming empty rhetoric at anti-capitalist marches, while spouting some bullshit idealistic communist theories about us all looking after each other, you might consider there is another side other than the 'poor individual who had no choice but to go overdrawn'
  • Jeffrey A.
    @James You seem to be missing a fucking brain. Or/and my point. My point, is that, if people use services, they should pay for those services. They shouldn't expect those that can LEAST afford to, to pay for them. It's fuck all to do with 'us all looking after each other'. Its about paying for your own way. You seem to have been describing yourself there, you expect others (who already CANT afford to) to pay for YOUR banking, while you sit back and contribute fuck all? If you don't like the charges, go elsewhere? Thats another massive fucking part of the whole problem. THERE IS NO ELSEWHERE. People are FORCED to have bank accounts these days, there are no alternatives. And every fucking single UK bank does it. You were off for six months while you were ill? Well, thats a shame. A fucking shame you didn't die, cunt. Seriously, think about what you say before you say it, as it makes absolutely the square root of tits all sense.
  • Jeffrey A.
    ...and smacks of you being a plain and utter selfish bastard while trying to somehow ridiculously claim some sort of moral high ground. It's people like you that cancer was invented for.
  • James
    @ Jeffrey Archer Lunch time at school then? I wondered when you would come in with some more bullshit. Though next time just swear words would do, why bother with the filler? I will answer each feeble point you raise, if you can call them points. I am not entirely sure what hoping I die has to do with solidifying your argument, but hey who am I to pick on the challenges your lack of intelligence clearly brings. I assume you are some weedy part-time shelf stacker who exceeds his salary each month on porn desperate to shut out the years of bullying you no doubt received from your peers (and yes betters in case you weren't sure) at school. The charge for the services is up to the provider. If they dont want to charge account holders who run their accounts correctly, preferring to generate their income from investing deposits then that is up to them. If you are proposing that banks have only made money charging people who fail to observe the terms of their contracts, then you are delusional or just unutterably stupid. How often when banks have had enough of overdraft limits being breached have they cancelled the facility? Why would they do that using your logic, that would just be reducing their income. Your argument is not an argument at all. Just a blinkered one sided point of view. There is no elsewhere eh? Well here is an example, Halifax charge £1 a day for an overdraft, I dont pay that at HSBC. Can you see what happened there? A choice opened up, were you aware that if you were a Halifax customer you can quite simply move to HSBC. Did you know that or is this quantum physics to you. What about post office accounts, what do they charge? If you want a bank that charges nothing when you try and use funds not yours without prior agreement then I propose you pop over to Switzerland and see a company called Dignitas, they will be able to help you achieve all your expectations. I thought there were more points to answer but the rest is the usual drivel, insults and wishes for death. The fact is when you open an account you are presented with something called terms and conditions. These are useful Jeffrey, what you need to do is have a good read of them and inform yourself of what you need to do to avoid charges. Do you have your own account or is it still in your parent's names? Perhaps they could let you see the Terms. It is as simple as that but to help further when you apply and are given an overdraft your bank will write to you and further explain what could happen if you breach the agreement. Now personally I think the charges are very high, I think parking tickets are even higher, missing a mortgage payment outrageous, failed Direct Debit and Failed standing order charges made by the recipient companys a silly amount, fine for failing to tax my car for one day the list goes on. But seemingly the OFT is unconcerned about those charges. My last point is that if the banks have failed to adhere to the terms then I hope everyone gets all the fines back. If they have simply been charged in-line with what they signed up to then they are very lucky. In any event welcome to the Nanny State it must be all you ever hoped for. I hope you live a long and healthy life and suggest if you manage to get a place at university through clearing that you choose rudimentary economics as a fine introduction to the world.
  • James
    Incidentally I grew tired of this halfway through that post. I am not even sure why I bothered to finish it, I don't actually care that much. I won't be posting again on this one so I declare your next response the winner and I the vanquished loser. Heat and Rep added.
  • Jeffrey A.
    @James - Seriously, are you out on day release or something? As I'm gonna tell the monkeys that opened your fucking cage off. I couldn't honestly be arsed to read 90% of that, so, I didn't. I'm sure its full of the same complete bollocks as the first couple of sentences I read. Such as: "The charge for the services is up to the provider. If they dont want to charge account holders who run their accounts correctly, preferring to generate their income from investing deposits then that is up to them." Well, no it isn't. When the government say that we MUST have bank accounts, we, as consumers, should NOT be forced to sign terms and conditions that are UNLAWFUL. At the moment we do not have any option but to be forced to sign UNLAWFUL contracts that do nothing but to exploit people in the worst financial positions. There are no alternatives, there are no get out clauses. Pretty much every single person in the UK aged 16 or above is signed up to an unlawful contract designed to exploit with no choice. "If you are proposing that banks have only made money charging people who fail to observe the terms of their contracts," Where the fuck did I say that? Seriously, fuck off and learn to read. "How often when banks have had enough of overdraft limits being breached have they cancelled the facility?" Not often enough? Extremely rarely? Almost never? Heres an idea, if the bank doesn't want the overdraft limit to be breached, how about, this may be an amazing suggestion that you'd have never thought of, but, THEY JUST DON'T ALLOW THE TRANSACTION? "There is no elsewhere eh? Well here is an example, Halifax charge £1 a day for an overdraft, I dont pay that at HSBC. Can you see what happened there? A choice opened up, were you aware that if you were a Halifax customer you can quite simply move to HSBC. " Seriously, what the FUCK are you smoking? HSBC charge you instead of £1 a day, debit interest for using your overdraft of 18% APR or something. And on top of that £35 (I think) for 'unauthorised' overdraft penalties. Plus the same for every item that goes over your overdraft in the first place. As I said, there is NO CHOICE for choosing a bank that does not have any unlawful penalties. They ALL do it. After that, in all honesty I became that bored that I started making up cartoon characters in my head. Anyway, as I said, stop talking shit and trying to take moral high ground when you are in actual fact, a cunt.
  • Joe
    hahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah ohhhhh. Thanks for the laughs x
  • mham
    Surely the critical point is that the banks have been charging customers via a method that is most probably unlawful; whatever the cause of the charge (be it the misfortune or the irresponsibility of the customer) the fact is that the banks have been charging unlawfully. That the banks are taken to task for unlawful behaviour is just as it should be.
  • bankbuster
    reply to; Posted by James | November 18th, 2009 at 3:31 pm Re terms and conditions. Many t &c have not been drawn up correctly. I have taken over £30k off your friends at HSBC and made the bastards tear up a loan agreement for almost £20k- That will teach them to get their t & c's right in the first place. The banking reform thats coming is too good for people like you. HSBC & you deserve one another.
  • James
    @bankbuster I like your post but I am confused. You have made £50,000 from HSBC and yet you think they are bastards? Got to be honest they would be number one on my christmas list if I earned that kind of cash for finding fault in their terms of business. Also, I have no issue with any reclaims made on incorrect Terms and Conditions. In fact I am all for it. If the banks did not get them written correctly that is their problem. My issue is with all the people angrily denouncing the banks over charges they all knew about. You are right, the banking reform is too good for me. Leave me languishing in my totally free bank account without the hope of getting to pay for all the services, that will show me. Perhaps I could flush a quid down the toilet each day (might do it every five days so it could be a note, much easier) so that I can feel the full benefit of the reform. I mean that's only £365 a year or the equivalent of 10 fines for going over your limit, but now this will apply to everyone, not just those who did not manage their accounts. I imagine the banks will have recovered the bank charge repayments far quicker than we all think and will make far more after these reforms. Look for daily charges, increases that have already started in interest rates on cards and any other stealth charges they can slot in. @mham What do you mean the method is unlawful? I believe the only thing that may come out of this is that the charges are too high and should be capped at a more proportionate level. I too am all for banks being taken to task but am curious as to how the OFT can dictate what charges are fair or not. Surely they should also be looking at retailed markups, parking fines and everything else out there to ensure proportion is being used?
  • Andy D.
    @James - the sums of money that banks have been charging over the years contravene the "Unfair (Contracts) Terms Act 1977" and the "Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999". These laws protect consumers by specifying that in order for a bank charge to be deemed "lawful", the charge must represent the actual, real financial loss that has been sustained by the bank, building society, credit card company or other financial institution. If the bank cannot prove this then the charge is not lawful and the charge is deemed an unfair penalty charge. No one is arguing that banks shouldn't make a charge whenever someone goes over their overdraft limit or has an unpaid direct debit but £30 a time is ridiculous and results in people getting out of their depth in debt with no way out. Trust me, I know from bitter personal experience - it isn't always caused by someone idly spending money they don't have.
  • mjpl
    Uh oh a forum mod(.........scarpers)
  • Masood
    This thread is great entertainment.
  • Masood
    On a similar note British Gas once took £12000 instead of £120 out of my account on a direct debit. Leaving me well over £10000 overdrawn and every single DD, Standing Order, Cheque, Cahpoint Withdrawal being declined for 2 weeks untill they bothered to investigate and realise what they had done. During that time my Bank Charges added up to several hundred pounds and my credit file was permanently damaged. The bank didnt have to let me go £10k overdrawn (with no arrangement) but after a chat with a Personal Banker she put on a temporary OD limit while it was sorted out. I think it is very easy to bury your head in the sand and do nothing, thus ending up being dealt with by a computer instaed of a person. The Personal Banker could see it was a mistake as no-one gets that big a bill for Gas for domestic use. But really I would have been better off if they had just declined the first DD but clearly they are on the make, but they ARE a business, not a Public Service.
  • H.O.L F.
    [...] Re: H.O.L Test case appeal-Hand down of Judgement expected Wednesday 25 November 2009 at 9.45 am: A bit of off the wall reporting on the case here: Please feel free to tear into the comments posted... Black Wednesday coming for banks as charges decision looms | BitterWallet [...]
  • Chris
    Ted the shed what can I say but that your a complete arsehole
  • Chris
    ted the shed I should have added 'an utter &'
    Do any of you “people who side with bankers” (is that cockney rhyming?) honestly think the Banks give a flying fuck about how well you run your pathetic little accounts in return for what they have convinced you is "free banking". If the bank charge scandal had not been brought into the public domain by the likes of OFT Boss John Fingleton & Stephen Holne you would still have the Kosh of the charge hanging over your heads at all times. Thanks to campaigns ran by media blokes such as Money Grabbing Expert the banks will now get the kick in the balls they so richly deserve. If this is the end of free banking, perhaps one of you Einstein “banker huggers” can explain why Abbey announced a new account with absolutely no charges? OK they charge 32% unauthorised O/Draft rate but if you can manage to avoid going into unauthorised O/Draft (as some of you smug twats seem so adapt at) you will not have to pay a penny. OK it may signal a Santander invasion on the high street but I could afford to have an unauthorised O/Draft of £40K for a day before I got the same £38 charge enjoyed by HBOS customers until recently for being a fiver short on a £9.99 direct debit for a day. PS Any one else remember the government sponsored ads convincing us all to put everything on Direct Debit? Sorry if that last bit was a little high brow for this site.
    • Andy D.
      I've been following the bank charges scandal (which, let's face it, it is) for over three years now and my favourite ever statement from the whole thing is... "Do any of you “people who side with bankers” (is that cockney rhyming?) honestly think the Banks give a flying fuck about how well you run your pathetic little accounts in return for what they have convinced you is “free banking”." Well done HOLLY!
  • Elts
    @ Holly.....I love you...........that is all............ @ really are serious ?? @ Jeffrey Archer.........I think you "told him"......
  • James
    @ Elts Am I serious? well that is not an easy question. I have an addiciton to contrariness, nothing delights me more then presenting an opposing view. In honesty I have always thought the charges were far too high but at the same time I deal with contracts day in day out and am utterly bored of hearing that agreed terms are suddenly unfair when one party no longer wish to adhere to their side of an agreement. Jeffrey Archer told me nothing at all. Foul mouthed tirades just demonstrate a lack of clear reasoning in my opinion. The moment you have to resort to that sort of post I just disregard the content. Shame really as some of what he says could well be pertinent. @ Holly Welcome to this thread, another splendid well balanced argument. I will answer your questions: No I dont think the banks care about my account. I am delighted about that fact. All I want them to do is leave me alone to get on with my life and so far they have done that. Is the cosh a bad thing? Perhaps I have been misled by the media but doesn't the UK owe more on credit card debt than the rest of europe put together? Havent things such as 100%-120% mortgages left more people in negative equity because they were not obliged to put any deposit in? A friend of mine showed me that Barclays have changed his credit card APR to over 30% now, so the banks are already starting to try and clawback the money they assume they will use. There are programs and adverts all the time trying to show people how to try and take control of their personal finances again arent there? Do the banks get a kick in the balls? I thought you told me they dont give a shit about our accounts. They dont care about what they pay back personally it is after all a corporation of which several are funded by the tax payer anyway. I assume they are resigned to losing and will no doubt need to recover those losses. Who do you presume will be paying? Will it be the bank bosses putting in their own money? But hey why bother asking questions like these. Yes I will explain the Abbey account. It is an account available only to customers who have a mortgage with Abbey I believe. This is a little limiting in the context but also it appears you will be paying 12.9% for your overdraft even when it is not over it's limit. I assume they take the view that the substantial income they will be taking from you by way of mortgage payments can offset part of your account. How does this help people who were struggling though? I thought that is what you caped crusaders were after, a fair deal for all. I imagine those who were paying the unfair charges every month may often not be those in the lucky position of owning their own homes. With talk of escalating interest rates, charges for using ATMs and monthly/yearly charges for having accounting facilities, I dont think many people have looked past simply getting their money back. It may end up being a short lived victory followed by a life term of costs that you did not previously have to pay. Finally, your last line. I assume you lacked the courtesy to actually read the posts. Freshly armed with an assumption of your own brilliance you can cast about accusations regarding the intellectual capacity of the site. Perhaps if you had read it, you would realise that not more than three out of thirty odd contributors have spoken from the opposing view. And even then not one of them from the side of the bank but more in frustration that they will now be paying banking fees despite having tried to keep their accounts run correctly. Finally you might prefer to use 'adept' or is that too high brow for you.
  • James
    It's cold and lonely on this side of the fence.
  • Paul k.
    What's the fucking weather like on the planet half of you deluded fuckers come from? End of free banking all because we stand up and decide it's £36 over priced to bounce a direct debit wow I wish I was a good boy like James and never went overdrawn or forgot when a dd was due! Do us a favour James and fuck off!
  • charitynjw (Bank execs in white fur coats)
  • Steven
    @ James "Finally" should be your last paragraph!
  • mick
    hi i would just like to holly your great the simple fact of all of this is it is our money if some on stole your wallet or purse then that would be a crime i total agree that it time the banks got a kicking and gave bank what they have taken you bank huggers need to grow up and admit it a new world and the consumer now has powerand not every body is on 30k plus jobs drinking pimms and saying any one for tennis the facts are there are people just above the bread line that get caught unaware and then getting hammered by these pick pockets holly your great
  • mick
    forgive spelling i am thick so before any body comes back to have a go i will do it my self
  • jamie
    thw whole case is about the ampunt they charg. ok fair enough they are a business but they should they be aloud to charge £35 even if you go overdrawn by a couple of pence? i think not, only couple more hourse to a decision anyway unless they decide to drag this whole thing through the euopean courts just to get the same decision,
    JAMES thanks for the response, the highbrow statement was aimed at all those cunts who cant seem to string a sentence together without fucking swearing. Not the quality of the site content in general. I'll try to "adept" (yes I'll take that one) my posts to blend in I understand that it is lonely on your side of the fence! You’re not shagging “Dame” Angela Knight (BBA) by any chance? As you seem to have picked up a lot of her pillow talk about how banks will now have to punish the masses (with the red top headlines of £2.50 ATM fees) to compensate for the pond life who dare to rock the boat. Even the Political leaders are siding with the Bank Charge Claimants, which is a measure of how low the campaign has stooped, I'll grant you. At the end of the day if there was nobody prepared to take the other side we wouldn’t be having much of a (fucking) debate would we James? Keep taking the pills!
  • Dale
    To James, Assuming your point is valid and that people have the choice to switch banks and shop around, what would happen if everyone did that! Let's paint a picture shall we....... Everyone shops around and leaves the bank they are with, they move to a bank with no charges, what would happen to the banks that do charge? Well, that's simple..... they'll go to the wall and the British tax payer will end up having to pump another multi-billion pound investment to keep these blood sucking leeches afloat! Meanwhile whilst pumping in a rediculous amount of money into these banks to keep them afloat the devicit of the Tax payers pocket continues to rocket!!! Then, when the banks stabilise they can continue bending their customers over the desk and shafting them up the shit pipe with the largest, bluntest object they can fnd! They'll restrict the credit available to people, strangle the economy and shaft every hard working individual out there, whilst, adding insult to injury paying their staff wages and bonuses that far exceed the average "decent" wage. You say that people should live within their means.... when you have companies like PayPal who just try and take money as-and-when they feel like it then you will no doubt incur charges that you don't intend on!!! So your arguement is all but a load of shit really!!! Direct debits were set up by banks and companies in order to shaft the public a bit more!!! With you being such an advocate of the banks, can you please explain as-to-why banks and companies all alter the payment frequencies as they feel like it!!! Example, I get paid monthly (the 1st of each month) and have asked for all Direct Debits to be taken on the 2nd of each month; why do they then try to take them on the 27th or 29th or whenever they fucking feel like it!!! You may say that "oh, you should manage money better to ensure there is money in your account" well I do manage my money well and there is always money left over at the end of the month, but, not that much as to cover all the bills and I have got stiffed for charges which, just adds further stress to an already difficult situation!!! You strike me as a man who thinks that throwing a few big words into an argue makes your arguement more valid??? Communistic, rudamentry etc etc.... Well, we can all pick up a dictionary and enjoy using sesquipedalians but that still doesn't add structure to our arguement. To cast aspersions on people who might not have the same financial structure and routine as you is simply beyond narcasistic, to assume that everyone should follow your lead in the running of finances and all things is beyond believe! Each life is individual, if everyone was the same then DNA profiling would be obselete.... wouldn't it!!! In conclusion..... the running of ones life be it financial or otherwise does not mean that institutions should profiteer from peoples circumstance and misfortune!!! Except undertakers and pathologists :-) One final point....... what alternative to banks are there??? Gone the days of the wage packet paid at the end of each Friday!!! The banks and government have engineered our economy of today and the engineering started over 2 decades ago in order to get the public under the microscope so they can follow our every move!!! The world we live in now is alikened to an 'ant farm' the politicians are the people looking in on us whilst we're all blissfully nieve and unaware as to what's happening!!! Maybe James you might want to look beyond the wrapping paper of your idyllic life and see whats really under your nose!!!
    What the UK banks need is a few new kids on the block who are prepared to muscle in on their cosy little arrangement (some might call a cartel) to give the few punters whose credit rating hasn’t been completely podgered through so called "default charges" a genuine choice. Not one bank (state owned or otherwise) has been prepared to stand up in a court with a hand on a bible and state exactly how much their application costs are in (what they would now have us believe are) "service charges". By closing shop on this they have managed to get away with returning around 10 % of the charges often hanging on to the interest generated through these "ill gotten gains” by folding at the last minute in court. I commend the spirit of the Santander Bank (New Kid) account which offers "charge free banking". Nobody has a problem with banks making their profit through application of interest that’s what they have done since the days Jesus used to boot them out of the temple. If you don’t want to pay interest then banks are probably not for you, ask your family or friends etc. When governments got involved "Brown nosing” (pun intended) their way into the Banking fraternity things moved up a rung. They gave out gongs like sweeties (Sir Fred!) it became "the law" that we would all need bank accounts from the cradle to the grave to receive benefits and receive wages etc. With the simultaneous habitual addiction to the promotion of Direct Debits (the crack cocaine of bank charges) we were all hooked. Watch Brown hijack the issue in a speech tomorrow along these lines: “we have been accused in the past of being soft on the banking industry but I now believe the time has come to be firm with the British Banking industry, and send this message to them that your Government will not tolerate the systematic profiteering through charges applied which are likely to fall short of the laws of the people of the United Kingdom. I have today spoken with the Governor of the Bank of England and the chairman of the FSA and asked them to insist that in the light of this historic judgement by the (labour appointed) Supreme Court of Justice, to speak to the chief executives of all of the Banking institutions involved in this case to agree with the OFT an arrangement for the systematic return of all of these excessive charges to the British public who have been clearly wronged in this matter. I have also asked for the British Banking Association and FSA to sit down with the OFT in an effort to agree a way forward with such charges in both terms of price and application. The days of Bankers unfairly profiteering from the application of unfair charges to the voting public are now over thanks to this government’s intervention through their appointed body OFT. Please believe me or Ill be fucked at the Polls."
  • Scott
    As has been established, not all those who have paid charges spend money willy nilly. I am up to my eye balls with my bank due to incompetence on their side. I had a charge with sky and I paid it. The next month I got another charge for the charge I paid and the payments to sky I had paid. I called up the bank and spoke to a nice woman who claimed it was a computer error and she "had sorted it". So the next month I got yet ANOTHER charge... This has continued for 3 years until they decided to swallow my card and send me no more notification. Clever tactic that!!! So these have been going on for 3 years now due to the banks incompetence. This was the first time I ran into charges. So I feel I am entitled to the £1.5k I will get back as a sorry from the bank. Not because I wasn't careful with my money but for the fuckwits at HBOS who have royally screwed me over to line their own pockets and float OUR money on the stock market! Suppose none of you bank shaggers thought of that did you? Your money is being floated on an insecure market. It's all very well saying you pay £30k a year into a bank... What happens if that bank goes bust or gets bought out... You stand to lose a shit ton! Also I doubt the banks will take it further. There will be uproar seeing as though the taxpayers money is now funding the majority of the banks. To be honest, I wouldn't care about the end of free banking. Why should I? I don't use the bank any more and would be quite happy to withdraw all my money and use my mums account for any direct debits I have. My mattress is nice and comfy, I wont feel it under there!
  • mjpl
    So despite all the abuse and threats it would seem that my point of view was mirrored by the supreme court. As I said you agreed to these charges when you signed the terms of business. To those who stated those terms were unlawful, clearly this is no longer the case. The charges should now be changed as part of the banking reform and should be overseen by the FSA to ensure they are proportional. However, to those of you who imagine that now they don't have to pay them back the banks wont continue with plans to introduce charges for banking, I suggest you think again. All this action has served to do is provide the banks with a number of avenues to make sure we all pay for the services provided and they will continue to charge people who cant manage their accounts. I want to list the people who can now go fuck themselves, but the silence that has replaced the abuse and threats seems to make it pointless. I am sure you all know who you are eh Paul Keane.
  • James
    yeah mjpl is the name stored on my other laptop this is of course my usual name.
  • Miami C.
    Brilliant post, I couldn't have said it better.

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