Best coins in the world? Somalia - obviously

The other day, a fierce row broke out in Bitterwallet HQ over which country had the craziest coins as actual legal tender. We did some brief research and it turns out that the answer is... Somalia. Because, you know, they've had nothing else major to worry about there in recent years...

Here's some of our favourites - the 3D coins...


...the flash motorbike coins...


...the fast car coins...


...the rock guitar coins...


...and of course, the animals...




  • Jonny S.
    Somalia, the only country where currency could kill you...
  • Morocco
    "How much is that, shopkeeper?" "That's two polar bears and a motorbike please sir." "What?! I'm not paying that, that's silly money!"
  • hetty
    pieces of eight?
  • Stewie G.
    They're just commemorative coins, you would't want to go spending them
  • Nobby
    I live in England and we have 3D coins. The £2 coin I am holding is a cylinder 28mm in diameter and 2mm in height. Our notes are almost 2D, in that they are made from paper. Although, of course, they have a finite thickness and so are strictly 3D. They can also be easily folded into 3D structures.
  • PokeHerPete
    Do the animal coins double as fridge magnets?
  • The B.
    Nobby, my coins are in 4D as they pass through time too.

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