Best bank ever! But it's not quite actually a bank yet...

The-new-Metro-Bank-openin-001 A while ago, we highlighted the oncoming charge of Metro Bank, a brand new kind of retail bank that is heading towards the UK. The boffins behind it spoke excitedly of long opening hours and a strong emphasis on customer service. Ooooh!

There was only one snag however – they hadn’t been granted a banking licence. Gah!

Now the Metro head honchos are back with more big talk about their revolution in banking, and they reckon we’re just weeks away from getting a taste of it.

As well as the aforementioned long opening hours (including most bank holidays), they’re also boasting customer toilets, a 15-minute account opening procedure which will see new customers walking out with their new debit and credit cards there and then, and face painting. Okay, maybe not face painting, but they’re keen to rewrite the rules of retail banking.

Metro are focussing on the Greater London area initially but aim to have 200 branches by 2020. It sounds mightily impressive and surely there’s nothing getting in the way of their imminent dominance of 21st century banking.

Oh, apart from the fact that they STILL haven’t got a banking licence. Doh!


  • Lumoruk
    Where do I sign?
  • The B.
    Try Aldermore bank instead.
  • Nobby
    Why not do what Virgin did last month - and buy a very small regional bank in order to get a banking licence.
  • Mee T.
    Terrific contribution! I thoroughly liked this post - very clear and concise, precisely what my partner and i like
  • Woof! B.
    [...] Vernon Hill has already promised extended opening hours and a 15-minute no-fuss account-opening procedure – and now they’re [...]

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