Bawbees and Merks for Scottish currency?

Holyrood will be considering its currency options before the Scottish referendum, because there’s no way that Westminster are going to let them keep the poond. And now a leading economist has suggested that Scotland should revitalize its ancient coinage and bring back the er... merk.


The merk, which sounds like a term of abuse, was in circulation 400 years ago, and were silver coins that don’t look so different from 20ps. But it’s the lower value old Scots coins that have the best names. If you didn’t have a merk to your name, you had to pay for things using bawbees (LOL), groats, testoons (LOL), and placks (ARF!).

Anyway, economist Professor Gavin McCrone thinks it would be a GROAT IDEA.

‘Sooner rather than later a Scottish government would find it necessary to set up its own central bank as lender of last resort, which would also have power to issue its own currency.' he said.

‘This could be the restoration of the pre-1707 pound Scots, or indeed the merk, and it could be pegged against sterling initially on a one-to-one basis, as Ireland’s currency was for a long time, which would reduce transaction costs.’

Hmm. Personally I think the best idea would be to replace the Queen with a crude picture of Jimmy Krankie wearing a Tunnocks tea cake hat, with the words ‘GEES SUM MONEY’ underneath it. But whatever floats your groat.



  • God
    More likely the actual currency that will be used by the everyday scots (ie, the unemployed) will continue to be the "cano'lager", the "tab",and the "joint".
  • David
    They may as well just switch to the Euro
  • Echo
    Reply to posted by God.....Everyday Scots....unemployed!!!Do we class this as a racist comment? Absolutely disgusting. No wonder Scots want to vote for Independence
  • JonB
    @David: "switch to the Euro" That door is closed to them by the Eurozoners: "a requirement to join the Euro is to be a member of the Exchange Rate Mechanism II for at least two years", which clearly can't be the case for at least 2 years after independence.
  • Hell y.
    Sad and pathetic.
  • the c.
    Echo, Since when has Scottish been a race TARD
  • faz
    Echo, I echo your remark
  • Wildecat
    Merk is just the Scots word for Mark. The pound is most likely option in the short/medium term. Probably something else (Merk / Crown) or Euro long term.

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