Barman treats customers as if he was a bank

Banks, as we all know, are utter shitweasels. However, what would you feel like if a barman treated you like banks treat your money? Sounds conceptual, but the folks at TransferWise decided to do a hidden camera prank where exactly that, happened.

Of course, TransferWise might be a sneakier shower for all we know, but we like the joke.

We expect that Bitterwallet readers would be far less kind to a barman acting in this way. Judging from some of the comments we've had over the years, we suspect they'd lamp him. Or, judging by the way trolls are online, they'd say nothing in person but tell all their mates they dropped some righteous c-bombs on him.

Either way, here's the vid.

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  • jim
    please can i have those 2 minutes of my life back? that was about as funny as genital herpes

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