Barclays top of the latest customer complaint league table

barclays_bank_limited Who’s the most griped-about bank at the moment? Santander? Surprisingly it isn’t – as the headline of this story suggests, it’s actually Barclays.

New figures from the FSA covering the first half of this year show that Barclays received 251,563 complaints, with 53% of those being upheld. Other big-hitters in the customer dissatisfaction table include Lloyds TSB (181,907), Santander (168,888) and NatWest (147,109).

A whopping 1.76 million complaints were made to financial institutions in the first six months of 2011, which shows that they’re either grossly incompetent or that we’re quicker to cry foul when it’s our hard-earned money that’s involved.

Santander are the best at closing cases, with more complaints dealt with within eight weeks than any of their rivals, closing 98% of cases within that timeframe. This compared with 74% at Royal Bank of Scotland, 77% at Lloyds TSB, 86% at NatWest, 89% at Barclays and 90% at HSBC.

In terms of unresolved complaints that were then escalated to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Lloyds Banking Group were top of that particularly ugly pile, suggesting (not for the first time) that Lloyds tend to play hardball with unhappy punters.

The FSA said that nearly two thirds of new complaints in the six month period were related to payment protection insurance, not surprising after the banks lost their legal challenge against PPI rules in April.

If you want to use the space below to gripe about your bank and their complaint-handling tactics, feel free. We’re listening.

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  • Ballet S.
    As a former employee of Barclays, Allison Kramer Deeb terminated me on the exact same date when I had a referral to Yale Hospital after seven months of illness. Kevin Leblang, an attorney representing Barclays, advised Barclays for my termination while disabled with a Yale Hospital referral. When I joined Barclays originally, the benefits seemed exceptional. I could not believe that after illness with a hospitalization referral, a Barclays Human Resources representative would fire me when I was referred to the hospital.

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