Barclays to ignore Android Pay

Barclays Android Pay

Barclays aren't too quick when it comes to adopting other people's payment methods. They were the slowest when it came to taking on Apple Pay, and now they're dragging their heels on Android Pay.

At the moment, they say they are not going to bother with Google's mobile pay service, saying that they're going to be sticking with their own contactless payment app on Android for their customers.

From June, Barclays customers will be able to pay with a tap of their card with Barclays' Contactless Mobile app, which is going to be integrated with their existing banking app.

"It's all there, in one place, ready to go with no need to enter card details, delivering a brilliant experience in an instant," said Barclays UK chief executive Ashok Vaswani.

Of course, Android is set to launch in the UK very soon, and is supported by a number of other banks, but Barclays aren't interested.

One thing in Barclays' favour, is that the contactless limit on their service is higher than the one on Android Pay. However, people might be reluctant to have a load of different payment apps on their smartphones, taking up valuable memory space.

With the Barclays contactless payment app, you can pay up to £30 with a swipe, but if you pop your PIN into it, you can make payments of up to £100. There might be a feeling that you might as well use your card for that though.

Barclays also have the bPay services too, where you can make payments through a sticker, a wristband, and a key fob.

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  • thecresta

    Barclay's are the only bank I'm aware of that restrict their app from functioning on rooted Android devices.

    So if you're a rooted Barclay's customer you're doubly out of luck, as you'll likely be unable to use either method.

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