Barclays haven't told you about PPI rights because of 'technical issue'

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The PPI mis-selling scandal just won't cease, and Barclays have got something they'd like to add to proceedings.

They didn't tell thousands of their customers about their right to cancel PPI payments, and didn't send out annual statements to consumers about this for three whole years.

Why? Barclays have said that it was a 'technical issue'.

Feel free to roll your eyes all the way into the back of your skull right now, if you like.

Of course, the Competition and Markets Authority are not at all impressed and said that this is a 'serious' breach of rules.

So, in a bid to finally sort this out, Barclays are writing to the 10,000 customers who are affected by this absolute nonsense, offering them a refund plus interest of 8%.

If you're thinking that this might be you, you should be contacted by letter, and most of the people who will receive the correspondence will be credit card customers, as well as some who have had mortgages with the company.

Of course, check any letters you get from the bank instead of aiming them straight toward the bin.

If you prefer you can call Barclays on their PPI hotline, on 0800 282 390, which is open 24/7, including holidays.

Select option 1 if you're making a new complaint, or if you have an existing complaint, select option 2.

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  • InspectorGadget

    I would like my PPI refunded please contact me at [email address removed].  A grand will do it.

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