Barclays Fat Cats Keep Noses Firmly In Trough

Yes, we know it's pigs that eat out of troughs but we liked the cat picture. Okay?

Anyway, as the government’s massive bail-out starts pumping into the banks' cashstreams, it’s good to see that Barclays aren’t wasting any of it. Oh hang on, yes they f***ing are!

The Sun has tracked down some bankers from Barclays Wealth enjoying an all-expenses trip to Lake Como in Italy. They’re there for a dash of conferencing mixed in with lots and lots of swimming, sailing, shopping, and (probably) shagging.

The paper reports that the theme of the conference was “End of the World or Opportunity of a Lifetime?” – telling clients how they can profit from the current financial misery. Sweet. Something springs to mind at this point about leopards and spots but I’m so rage-fuelled that I’m not sure what it is.

It’s unbelievably ill-advised stuff. But, as taxpayers, we now own a portion of the banks, so I’m off down to my local branch of Barclays to help myself to whatever’s in the staff room fridge.

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