Barclays ban jeans and flip-flops

Barclays-PA Barclays bank have decided that their workplaces are getting a bit too yacht rock for their liking, and have decided to ban loads of casual items of clothing. This is all down to their new executive chairman John McFarlane, who presumably prefers the whole soul-revue look, with suits and shoes.

In a  memo sent by Amer Sajed, interim CEO of Barclaycard, McFarlane has said that he's pleased with the culture at the bank, but that everyone needed to smarten up. McFarlane will not be tolerating jeans, flip flops, trainers or t-shirts being worn at their headquarters in Canary Wharf.

This'll be news to the Barclaycard staff, where everything is a bit more laid-back when it comes to dress code. They're going on like they work for Google or something.

At the HQ, staff are even banned from wearing flip flops even on dress down Fridays. John McFarlane either loathes toes more than your average man, or he's not able to control himself around people's feet. We just don't know.

The memo reads: "As the worldwide headquarters of the Barclays group, One Churchill Place is an important and iconic building. With key client representatives and high profile guests regularly visiting the building it's important that we present the right image of the business and that colleagues working in 1CP [1 Churchill Place] represent Barclays at its best."

"Now defining ‘business casual’ is not easy – just try Googling the term to see what I mean! – but if you work on the premise that the overall objective is to project a professional, business-like image without being obliged to wear formal business attire then you should be fine. Principally it means no jeans, t-shirts, trainers or flip-flops (although - with the exception of flip-flops - more casual dress is acceptable on a Friday)."

"There are no plans to change any other aspects of the working environment or culture in 1CP or indeed the dress code in other offices – on the contrary, John McFarlane, Barclays’ Executive Chairman, has been enormously complimentary about the energy, culture and entrepreneurial spirit of our business and is very supportive of our growth agenda."


  • Russell b.
    I'm confused , so if I'm wearing jeans I can't go in and pay my money in ?
  • IP F.
    What if you're wearing a suit and flip flops? Or a denim suit?
  • Jack S.
    What if you're a moron and cant tell if you are an employee or not?
  • New H.
    [...] hired the axeman who sends everyone scurrying to the job centre website, he wasted little time in banning jeans and flip-flops from the company. Now, John McFarlane is at it again, this time, axing Barclays’ fleet of black [...]

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