Barclaycard "Bespoke Offers" and "Beat My Price" set to close

Barclaycard-Bespoke-Offers Surprisingly, Barclays have confirmed that they will be closing their "Bespoke Offers" service from Monday 26th October.

If you are not familiar with this service, it was pretty much a daily deals site but in amongst the tablet cases, charging cables and generic tech offers, they had some pretty impressive offerings including Tesco Grocery gift cards and Starbucks credit for half the price.

Also closing is their "Beat My Price" product which they use to undercut retailers and give you a better price on a particular product.

Why are they shutting this down? Well, no one is too sure yet. They did say:

"Following an internal review we have announced the closure of our Digital Marketplace business (incorporating our bespoke offers and Beat My price products).

"Our decision to close the businesses was taken after a detailed review of the financial performance to date and against their potential to deliver acceptable returns in the future.

"The business will cease to trade with effect from Monday 26 October. Any transactions that have occurred but not yet been fulfilled will of course be honoured."

If you've got an existing order, that should be honoured and voucher expiry dates will proceed as stated. However, we expect more information to be made available between now and the end of Monday.


  • Dave
    Uhh, well that sucks. I have two pre-orders open with them.
  • Carmel
    Does this affect Flubit - I used flubit then came to beat my price.. if flubit is still going i'm going to go back to them because ive saved so much
  • Ben T.
    @Carmel - as far as we know, Flubit "powered" their Beat My Price product so they'll just switch that off.
  • Carmel
    Great! Flubit service was great, I only switched because of the cashback and all the hot uk deal threads. Probably why they've closed it down!
  • Sawyer
    I did wonder how their business model worked. I asked them to beat a Currys price, they did, gave me 18% cashback, and then shipped me the item straight from Currys, surely at a loss?

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