Barclaycard offer 0% balance transfer

barclaycardBarclaycard are offering new customers 0% interest on debt if they decide to switch from other cards for 20 months. That just happens to be the longest period for which one of the deals the world has ever seen! Probably.

This offer is available from Thursday, comes on the back of MBNA and Virgin Money announcing that they were offering 0% deals of 18 months. The competition is hotting up and these buggers are all desperate for us to start getting credit cards because everyone's currently too frightened to use them.

The sting in the tail is that Barclaycard will be upping the transfer fee from 2.9 to 3.2%.

After the introductory 0% interest period has ended, you will pay a representative APR of 16.7% with MBNA and 16.9% with Barclaycard and 17.9% with Virgin Money, although this will depend on your customer's credit history.

This deal is only available until 3 May and only applies if you are transferring more than one balance.

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  • Mark
    Be careful with these deals - they often require the use of the card at least once a month, and any payments made come of the transferred balance, not new purchases, ergo interest can be charged on any new purchases.

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