Banks to face Lords as charges farce case recommences

A bank manager, yesterday.

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is the bank charges court case will be written from Tuesday onwards, as seven banks and a building society take what looks like a pointless and ridiculous appeal to the House Of Lords. They’re up against the Office Of Fair Trading, who say the amount of money banks charge customers for going overdrawn or bouncing cheques, up to £38 per charge, is unlawful.

The banks were in ruder health when the whole thing started back in 2003, and with the government currently in control of the RBS and Lloyds, we’re basically seeing two separate arms of government farcically trading blows with each other while the taxpayer looks on, wincing.

The flood of claims by bank customers was stopped in 2007 when the whole sorry farce took itself off to the courts, where the banks have repeatedly lost and then appealed to the next highest court. Don’t think for a minute that the House Of Lords will be their final port of call – there’s still Europe and the intergalactic court of King Zod from the Planet Zarjazz to come yet.

Meanhwhile, Which? are calling for all those involved to help out customers who are suffering financial hardship as a result of these brutal charges. If you can show that you’re struggling with basic living costs, your case against your bank can be fast-tracked.


  • -> H.
    What the fuck, (extremely long pause to regain sense of reality) is the point of a monkey, wearing a suit, smoking a pipe, holiding a pen like he's 'curling one off'?
  • Andy D.
    @-> Insert Witty Name Here - It’s the bit right at the top. Oh sorry, we've already done that elsewhere.
  • bob
    These thiefs really need their heads looked at, As all they done was steal the publics own money, I hope every single person who has had these charges implemented sues the ass from the banks concerned.

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