Banking at the counter is a thing of the past

Going into your local branch and chatting away the morning with a nice lady called Linda is going the way of housekeeping money and writing cheques made out to ‘Cash’. Increasingly we’re choosing to do our banking on our phones, rather than experience face to face service.


The British Bankers Association say the amount of mobile transactions has doubled in a year. Now there are 1800 transactions a minute through banking apps on smartphones, with 12.4 million of us downloading banking apps to check balances and do banking on the move.

The BBA called the shift to mobile banking ‘mind boggling’. Its CEO Anthony Browne said:

‘Several senior bankers I have spoken to say they are astonished by the strength of take-up of this technology, which has already led to a noticeable dip in customers contacting call centres. If you grew up in the Seventies or before you have every right to be astonished by how much change there has already been.’

(Ooh, it used to be all fields and branch transactions when I were a lad. And aren’t the policeman looking younger these days? Do you remember Spangles?)

So will the popularity of mobile banking apps mean the death of the high street bank? Well, although Browne says there’s been a ‘seismic decline’ in branch transactions, he thinks there’s still a place for the traditional counter. He said they will become places for ‘big moments’, such as sorting out a mortgage or getting a credit card.

But with big banks like Barclays doing away with counter staff left right and centre, it might only be a matter of time before Linda at your local branch is replaced by a hologram.


  • Quietus
    It's mind boggling that people don't want to waste their lunch break queueing in a bank? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  • Jack S.
    Is this good or bad news for the manufacturers of the "position closed" signs they put out in the banks at lunchtimes? I cant make my mind up.

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