Bank staff failing to check correct cheque info

Hey! Do you know how long it takes a cheque to clear once you’ve paid it into your bank? Do you really? If you were told by a staff member at your bank or building society it means you probably don’t know, because a survey has shown that two thirds of them don’t have a Scooby either.

The mystery shopper survey was carried out by the Banking Code Standards Board in the first three months of this year, and the results were shockingly bad. The board noted that although staff appeared confident, they were consistently giving out misinformation, possibly as a result of poor quality training. No doubt the majority of training time is devoted to selling techniques and target achieving rather than facts that could genuinely help customers.

For the record, interest must be credited no more than two days after a cheque has been paid in and the money must be available to be drawn out after no more than four days. A cheque is deemed to have cleared absolutely after six days and it cannot bounce after that six day period has elapsed.

Next time you’re in a bank and have a genuine question about your bank you might as well ask the nearest cash machine – you’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting as much help from it as you will from the wonk behind the glass.

Fed up with your bank? Here’s a few ways you can piss THEM off for a change.


  • David P.
    Last time I checked, my Halifax Card Cash account takes seven working days to clear a cheque. Now I use my Halifax High Interest Account (now paying a whopping 0.5% AER!) to pay in cheques as it only takes 3-5 working days.
  • JohnK
    Exactly who has dictated the money must be available to be drawn out after no more than four days and that a cheque is deemed to have cleared absolutely after six days ? If it is a piece of legistation then it would be really useful to know whaich piece, so we ca nquote it back at the thieving scum - sorry, bank staff. If it is just a recommended practice, or the meanderings of Mrs Miggins at number 52, then it isn't worth a light. So come on, provide a reference to back the story!
  • Andy D.
    @JohnK - link added. Anything else you'd like that can be found via Google in under 10 seconds?
  • j
    I paid a cheque in a few weeks ago and when I got home I noticed the cashier mixed the pence up - 47p instead of 74p It'd cost me more for a stamp to write and tell them about itbut i'm surprised it hasn't been spotted along the line as I thought all cheques over a certain amount were manually verified before they clear?
  • Billy B.
    Yep great idea p**s off bank staff so they can screw your account up. If your bank is w*nk then move bank. Be rude to everyone hey it makes the world a better place.
  • The B.
    Last time I complained to my bank and threatened to close my account, they closed my account, I only noticed when I started getting threatening calls about my bouncing DDs 3 days later, what made it more lovely was that I was getting married 5 days after they did it. THANKS HALIFAX!

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