Apple Pay to land in the UK tomorrow

13 July 2015

apple pay So, Apple Pay is going to officially launch in the UK tomorrow. That's July 14th for anyone who is reading this late.

And that has been announced by a loudmouth from HSBC. In a tweet (since deleted), the @HSBC_UK account, when asked about the contactless service, said: "Yes! It’s due to launch this Tuesday! We are excited too."

HSBC have since said that "there is no set date for launch", but no-one is having any of that and the person running the social media account of HSBC has probably been locked in a stationary cupboard with a venomous snake, which will be then set on fire and used in a bankers' ritual to some false god.

Of course, retailers have already been putting their signs up around the country, saying that they'll be supporting Apple Pay, so we knew it would be soon. Everyone, apart from Barclays, have signed-up for the service.

Obviously, it'll be compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, and if you fancy it, as soon as Apple give the official green light, you can go into your settings and add your card.

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  • Fiyero
    McDonalds in Eastleigh had the Apple Pay logo on the door on Saturday so I thought it must be coming soon
  • Albi
    My HSBC email from them at 8:35 this morning just says it's coming 'later in July'
  • Albi
    And now there's a big story that HSBC are behind when everyone else is launching today.

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