Annual losses for Sony, makes money through cost-cutting

6_sony_logo_wY'know Sony right? Make irritating gadgets that need cables with daft adapters on the end that are by no means universal... that company that irritated George Michael so much that he was prompted to continually slag them off in one of his promotional videos (complete with 'Fony' headphones).

Well they're losing money. The Japanese electronics behemoth has reported a loss of 40.8bn yen ($437m; £294m) for the year to the end of March. While that sounds bad, this is less than half the money it lost in the previous year.

So how have they made money? Apparently, it was largely down to heavy cost cutting. However, the company is pretty confident that the tide is turning as they expect to drag themselves out of the shit when they really gun for selling 3D televisions and games to us some more.

"There wasn't a big surprise but one worrisome thing is that the forecast figures were below expectations," said Seiichiro Iwamoto at Mizuho Asset Management in Tokyo.



  • The B.
    They should sack that Cowell bloke, he's useless.
  • Gunn
    No surprise a high end manufacturer loses money in a recession but I actually find that Sony is more affordable now that it ever was.
  • the a.
    they have to be more affordable, there products just dont sell like they used to. Especially in the tv market, samsung and panasonic have pretty much taken over, whilst sony do theyre scrappage scheme, which was a flop last year, but more popular this year
  • HALI
    "Make irritating gadgets that need cables with daft adapters on the end that are by no means universal…" Have Sony been guilty of this recently? I was quite pleased when I found my PS3 charges the controllers using a bog standard mini USB connector. My XBox however, uses shitty proprietary connectors that are basically reshaped USB.
  • SimbaK2K
    @HALI, Too true. Also hard drives can be swapped with any bog standard hard drive you can buy online, with Xbox your stuck with overpriced proprietary hard drives in a fancy case.
  • Brad
    Lets be honest here, The PS3 which they were pinning their hopes on hasn't really sold the shit loads they were expecting to shift, It got off with a poor start price wise, Game company's having difficulty to make game's for it and even now of the available games, alot are average at best.
  • rhodeuk
    @HALI, That is true but then you don't need to have the xbox on to charge the controllers, the first time I realised I needed to leave the damn PS3 on I was pissed off and it still does. Talking of which you can change the batteries on the Xbox controllers... Swings and fucking roundabouts. Yes you can swap the hard drives out on the PS3 and the price is rediculous for Xbox hardrives but then if you have a couple of PS3's you can't easily swap your save games onto the other console with the xbox it's a piece of piss, takes 5 seconds, 10 if I'm pissed.
  • dunfyboy
    They might sell more products if they didn't continually piss off their PS3 customers.

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