Amazon and Barclays tie-up for deliveries

Barclays-PA In what seems like an unusual tie-up, Barclays have got together with Amazon, where the banks will be utilised at designated collection points for people who have deliveries to pick up from the internet giant.

Will more people sign-up and switch with Barclays as a result of this? It doesn't seem likely, but it is an obvious attempt to kick-start some interest in the bank, who has closed a lot of branches over the last 20 years.

Barclays have been doing trials of these delivery lockers across London, and if they prove to be a success, then it seems like the bank will roll the scheme out across its whole network across the UK.

Of course, Amazon already has numerous businesses on-board when it comes to being delivery points for their click-and-collect service, including train stations, post offices and even newsagents.

If Barclays really go for this, then it'll add another 1,500 spots for Amazon to use.

That's not all Barclays are doing to make their branches mean something on the high street - they've been giving a number of their branches a facelift, refurbishing outlets and investing £700 million in getting them modernised in the last few years. They've also been offering services in Asda's supermarkets and via Barclays Collect, which is a pick-up service for small businesses’ cash takings.

They've got a lot of work to do, but the high street is still very competitive for banks at the moment, so this could be one way of creating revenue.


  • oldgit
    Barclays=shite customer service in branch. Never seen more than two counter servers no matter how long the waiting queue. Last time I had an 40 minute wait at the main branch, staff milling about doing nowt but did not add more counter staff. Need a lesson in service from Aldi....
  • Alexis
    Remember when Amazon deliveries didn't take 4 days, or have a 2 month delivery window for shipment from China?
  • **Paul**
    There was I thinking Santander and Halifax were shite until I experienced Barclays - wow. New levels of incompetence from them. I would literally prefer stuffing £5 notes under my mattress than using Barclays for anything.

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