AMAZEBALLS - what a $100 million ATM receipt looks like

$100 million ATM receipt

It's real, apparently. The bank account belongs to a hedge fund manager in the East Hamptons, USA. And he still has to be pay a fee to make a cash withdrawl. He'll be devastated, obviously.



  • SgtMunky
    Why would you have that much money in a capitol one bank? I call shenanigans,, more likely a glitch that the user was surprised to see and had to take a picture of, but interesting none the less :P
  • TeflonMan
    Come on, show some compassion. The bloke is down to double-digit millions. On a different note, I wonder whether that savings account pays 0.10 % interest like some in this country ...
  • Mad H.
    Capital One Bank are the owners of the ATM, not necessarily the account (in fact almost certainly not the account, as they wouldn't charge an 'ATM owners fee' to their own customers) The real question is, why is he using an ATM instead of a gold vending machine?
  • Dick
    I reckon he had taken a shit and there was no bog roll. 4 $100 bills should be enough to clean his arse.

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